What a time... to be a fan of Her Campus Georgia Southern

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School has been back in full swing for a little while now and we at Her Campus Georgia Southern want to make your life a whole lot better. IT'S GIVEAWAY SEASON!!! This season's giveaways are one to remember. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself...


Because isn't a DIVA the female version of a hustla'? 

Who doesn't loveeee a Chipotle burrito?! Even though we don't have one here by campus, always remember Thanksgiving break is right around the corner!

The person who said you can't also said we can't do an awesome giveaway, but guess what... we did and #ActuallySheCan!

Just because summer is gone doesn't mean beach waves have to go too! Get your beach waves all year long!

With five weeks left in the semester it's time to go into beast mode! Stay awake and energized longer with a little help from us and 5-hour Energy!

Spice us your makeup just in time for Thanksgiving! Show your family all your skills this break and hopefully they will be too busy to ask you why you're still single!

This one is for the D.I.Y'ers! Let's get crafty!

ahhhhchoooo! Don't let a pesky sneeze keep you down! Cold-Eeze is the one stop shop for feeling back to normal.

Don't like to take medicine? What about tea...? We've got you covered for whatever method you prefer!

Since we have such great prizes you should tell all your friends who's the best student org on campus!! We even made it easier for you to rep Her Campus!!

Now that you know all of the great goodies we have to offer, make sure to catch our street team all over campus next week in order to win some of these great prizes!!

Wait, wait, wait you didn't think we were done that easy... Follow us on social media to see our final huge raffle prize announced next week!! Save your $2 it will be more than worth the wait!