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What Famous Actors Still Have Not Received An Oscar Yet

There are certain actors who by now you would have thought have numerous Oscars for their outstanding role in movies. Some of these actors do not even have one Oscar to claim. Their performance is so realistic that we tend to love or hate their character in real life because we think that is how they really act. Have you ever watched the Oscars though and found out that the actor you thought would have had an Oscar by now does not, because same. I found it really interesting to know what actors still haven’t received an Oscar for their outstanding performances. I thought we should become aware of who they are.


Tom Cruise

Who would have thought that Tom Cruise did not have an Oscar by Now. He was such a great actor in Top Gun, The Mummy, and many more. Tom Cruise played such a great leading role in those movies it is hard to believe why people would not have nominated him as best actor.


Johnny Depp

By now almost everyone should have seen the Pirates Of the Caribbean Movies. If you have, you know why Johnny Depp deserves an Oscar. Although Johnny Depp was nominated for best actor in 2004 for Pirates Of the Caribbean he never actually won. It is a shame to see a dedicated actor never receive recognition for all his hard work.


Will Smith

Will Smith’s  phenomenal role in the movie Pursuit of Happiness was so life changing. I really enjoyed the movie so much. The Pursuit of Happiness is a must see movie about a father who has lost his job and is struggling to find ways to keep him and his son alive. The movie teaches you about having faith in life and never giving up. Once again Will received a nomination for his role in the movie but did not win.


Angela Bassett

Mrs.Angela Bassett was nominated back in 1994 for her role in What’s Love Got To Do With It but that was not good enough for her to receive an Oscar apparently. I know that there are many more movies that Angela Bassett should have been nominated for like , Waiting to Exhale and even her newest role in the movie Black Panther. Hopefully she receives an Oscar for Black Panther down the line.


Robert Downey Jr.

If you love Marvel movies then I would expect you to like the actor Robert Downey Jr. He was the leading actor in Iron Man movies , Sherlock Holmes, and also played in many of the Avengers Movies. It is surprising to know that even though most people love Marvel movies he has still never received an Oscar for it. As this point I wonder who actually votes and what do they look for when they are trying to see who will receive an award for it.

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