"What Are You Mixed With?"

"What are you mixed with?"...

Does ANYONE realize how insulting of a question this is? It's not about what questions you ask, it's bout how you ask them. And here? That's an assumption made by people who don't believe that you can be Black with "beautiful" and "exotic" features.

I get asked this "question" mainly because of my complexion, my hair texture, and my eyes. I get confused with being Asian a lot. 

People have it engraved in their minds that all Black girls look and are built the same. Not all Black girls are thick and not all Black girls have kinky hair. The beautiful thing about being Black is that there are so many variations to what we can look like. 

I am West Indian, which means that there are a lot of things mixed in, but who isn't at least a little bit of a "mutt" these days? I don't mind when people ask me if I'm mixed, but making the assumption that I am because of my features shows ignorance on their end. Being Black is the bonus.