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The biggest part of Valentine’s Day is love– Loving oneself or a significant other with flowers, sweet chocolates, and soft affirmations. However, we often get caught up in the idea and perception of love that we often forget to live it. The moments you share with your family and friends, the sweet memories you can’t wait to share with your children when you grow older, and the traditions you hope to share with your life companions for generations to come are the things to look forward to. It is important to let the love you have for life reflect towards the people that surround you. 

Let these moments be as extravagant or minimal as they come, the key part of this holiday is to romanticize them as much as possible. Romanticize getting dressed for the day, romanticize eating your breakfast, romanticize every moment of your life. 

Here are a few ideas to commemorate/romanticize your next Valentine’s Day:

  1. Pottery & Tea Blends

This can be something you do with your close friends or your significant other. Take a pottery class with your person and make personalized teacups. After the clay has been set, venture out to an herb or tea shop and make each other an original tea blend that can bring you back to this specific day and moment. 

  1. Journal Recording

This is a simple date you can take with your sibling(s) or significant other, on any given day. Buy a blank journal,  a polaroid camera, or a disposable camera, and venture out through your city on foot. Choose one item or color for the rest day to photograph and record the beautiful sceneries and moments into the journal. Not only can the results of this event change every time so this can be done as many times as you want but it is a beautiful way to commemorate love and friendship.

  1. Museums & Aquariums Collages

In this event go to a museum or aquarium and take a plentiful amount of pictures to commemorate the day and with both sets of pictures captured, both partners create a theme for a meal and cook each other a meal decorated with the pictures taken throughout the day.

  1. Botanic Gardens 

For this date visit a botanic garden with a sketchpad in hand. Choose 3 different plants or creatures you find while visiting the gardens and sketch a picture into the notepad with a time limit of 30 minutes. When all is done, reveal to one another one sketch at a time and dictate which one of you drew the best piece. Each piece won is rewarded by a destination the winner would like to visit by the end of the night.     

Don’t forget to live in the moment and enjoy every second you spend with your loved ones, whether it be on Valentine’s Day or any other day; romanticize it and make it a story/memory worth remembering.

-xoxo Alionie Georges

Alionie Georges

Georgia Southern '24

Hi, my name is Alionie Georges and I am a student at Georgia Southern University studying Multi-Media Communications: Journalism with a minor in Philosophy. I am a two-time transfer student who enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures. I love all things fashion, language, lifestyle, skincare, and music. I am currently on a journey in which I hope will allow me to travel the world doing the things I love.