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‘Tis The Season

Everyone knows that the day after Halloween is the official start of the unofficial season known to many as “CUFFING SEASON”, and for those of you who don't know let me just give you the quick rundown. Cuffing season is the point after Halloween but before spring break when people decide to settle down for the winter and cuddle up with movies and hot cocoa. You have to draft quick or else you won't have a franchise player for the season. Sadly, as the temperatures drop . . . so do some of our standards. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide who you're going to rock with for this cold winter. But there are a few steps I believe everyone should take before you make the cut.



1.Are they going to be a contributing member to the team? Nothing is worse than hypothermia and a headache.


2. Make sure that they are going to stick around for the entire season. Don't want to pick the wrong player and end up bae-less before Christmas.

3. Lastly, make sure they understand the contract. Once the sun comes back out, they are relieved of their duties and they immediately become a free agent unless otherwise noted.

With those 3 easy steps, the drafting process should be simpler than ever!

But if all else fails . . . borrow your best friend's Netflix account and invest in a cat, it's almost the same thing. (Not really!)

My name is Treasure Johnson, I am a journalism major at Georgia Southern University and I love to read, write and TALK!
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