Things Men Should NEVER Do


Things Men Should NEVER Do.

This article is not going to get too mature and then have the M for maturity stamped on it. This article will serve the purpose of what girls wish desperately to tell their male counterpart through all the non-verbal cues. The reason we just do not say it out loud, is that we are afraid that their ego will be shattered so hard and they cannot go on living. However, the honest truth is, SO WHAT? They should know that some of their habits suck a bag of prunes. It is just not sexy to us. So long story short, it is okay if they do not know, but wouldn’t you rather that they know so that life will be easier and less stress free because we do stress for nonsense like this. Anyhow let’s begin.

             RULE #1 – COMMANDER MAN

Tell me this or tell me that. What is this crap? Why do we have to reaffirm your beliefs in yourself? We're together, right? So doesn’t that mean I already like you and want to be with you? THEREFORE why is there a need for us to tell you that you are the man or you are the best thing since sliced bread? We love you dude and we show this by still being around you when you are playing video games or watching the football games. However, all pessimism aside, you are amazing and we do appreciate you. Trust us. We may complain like crazy, but we do care about you. That is why we sit beside you and try to be invested. Eventually, we will get the hang of it.

            RULE #2 – SLOBS

Listen listen LISTENNNNN!!! We do not like it when you are dirty. Hence, we clean up behind you but this doesn’t mean we will do it all the time. But in reference to the word slobs, boys mind the way you kiss. Nibbling and biting; two different things. Learn the difference. It will help in the long run. Also, when you kiss us we appreciate talent not spit. There is nothing cuter than a guy that has the talent of kissing. You keep us wanting for more. TRUST! Do not ruin the kiss by trying too hard.

            RULE #3 – TOO MUCH IN BED

There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple and effective when you are in bed. Changing positions every two minutes is not the move. This is not a trapeze dance. The idea is to keep the moment great whether it be slow and steady or passionate and speedy, there must be some sort of care behind the way you do what you do with whoever you do it with. Therefore, if you plan on seeing her again please keep it in mind that you being less than great in that area will never have her calling you back without some sort of alcohol in her system.

            RULE #4 FLAKING OUT   

You know what is most annoying, men who cannot return the favour. Now the best way to explain this is that you will always ask us to come over and ‘chill’ we do but then when we ask the same thing from you, you always have some sort of excuse. Therefore, when we do not come anymore or do not give you a favour that you like, you know why. You need to realise that if you do not want us to ask for chivalry and accept that you believe in men and women are equal there comes the moment where hypocrisy has to stop and you need to give after you have taken.

            RULE #5 IT’S COMPLICATED

Let me say something real quick; it is complicated is not an excuse for everything. The only reason someone uses that phrase is because they do not want to have to deal with you right at that moment and they believe that you are not a priority to their lives what so ever. So let me run this really quick to you one more time. When he says that he doesn’t want to put a title on your cuddling, talking exclusively, cooking for one another, hanging out most of the week and getting jealous when you talk with someone else basically means that he doesn’t value you at all and will palm it off as him just simply saying that, it is complicated which is that you are not going to ever mean anything to him because the utmost truth is that if he wanted to be with you he will find both time and effort to accommodate you. Sorry for the long sentence.

In total, boys have a lot of growing up to do in order to become a man. The fact that they beg you for affirmation by begging you to call him daddy as well as trying to be too sexy and end up sucking at kissing proves that point. However, there is so much pessimism that is present in the article, but the truth is that when a man grows up, it is a beautiful thing. The love connection that is found, the bond that is created and the unity makes you feel enamoured. It is true there is supposed to be that great bond between two people and trust me it IS the best feeling in the world.