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Things I wish I could tell my mom

    1. Listen to me.
    2. I need my space.
    3. I’m sorry I’m an introvert.
    4. I’m not sure about this college thing.
    5. I’ve got everything under control.
    6. I know I said I have everything under control, and you have your own problems, but can you help me with mine.
    7. Please stop comparing me to other people.
    8. I’m not trying to push you out of my life. I live in my head.
    9. I love being by myself.
    10. Did you ever love dad?
    11. Why do you always equate things you don’t like about me with “his side of the family”?
    12. I wish you were happier when I was growing up.
    13. Stop comparing me to my sister.
    14. Stop comparing me to you.
    15. I don’t call because you get angry when I call.
    16. I’m sorry I haven’t called in a while.
    17. I’m going to be okay.
    18. I’m sorry for all my mistakes.
    19. I am going to take so many more.
    20. Tell me what I’m doing right, not everything I’m doing wrong.
    21. I’m not reckless.
    22. I’m scared about life sometimes.
    23. I’m sorry.
    24. I miss you. So much.
    25. I appreciate you. So much.
    26. I love you. So much.
    27. Listen to me.
19 Georgia Southern Junior Graphic Design Major I aspire to be an experiencer
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