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Taking the Cape

I have a confession……I LOVE SUPERHEROS! Maybe a little more than I should, but I do. Superheroes are the measure of the greatness we want to achieve and the depth of the darkness we fear. They are amazing and wonderful and any person, that had a childhood has a favorite superhero. In fact, I dare say there are only two kinds of people in this movie: Those who like Superheroes, and LIARS!!!

So naturally when a superhero is getting his or her time on the big screen. I take it seriously, like dead seriously. (Queue Jon Stewart resting Bitch face!) I still tremble with anger when I think of Halle Berry playing  Storm, or the fact the Rouge was a trembling nonsouthern accented shadow of her comic book self. But enough with the past because the future is looking bright with movies such as Batman vs Superman and the New Avengers coming up. I’m a little more than excited. At the same time, I was terrified of the casting.




Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Okay for those of you who know watch Game of Thrones (Sorry I don’t) Momoa was the late great Khal Drago…..yes ladies and gentleman it is he. For those of you who do not know Aquaman, he is the king of Atlantis and ruler of all 7 seas. For those of you who think he’s not a big deal…HE IS THE RULER OF THE 7 SEAS!! You know that thing the covers 75% of the earth? Yeah that! Anyway, Momoa looks the part, he has the physic and the body to be a warrior/King/badass and I’m ready for it!


Now Gal Gadot as wonder woman. Okay, not going to lie I don’t know her work outside of her Fast and Furious stuff. But at least we know she can do action. A lot of time they put these female actresses in these movies just because they look pretty, not even wondering if they can encase the action world or the character itself (Example Halle Berry as Storm). Now me personally I was kind of hoping for Gina Torres (Castel-Penelope Foster) but hopefully Gadot will be able to play Wonder Woman in all her wonder, and do the character justice.


Ezra Miller as the Flash. You know the kid from Perks of Being a Wall Flower. He’s gay. Let’s just get that out there. He’s the first gay actor to play The Flash, and yeah that’s big, more power to him. But can he do action? I’m not sure about this one. Yeah, he’s quirky and funny. Which is essential if you’re going to play Barry Allen I’ll admit, but I’m not so sure it’s going to pan out. Berry Allen also has this charm and witty slick ass kind of feel to him. From the little of ‘Perks’, this Miller is more the awkward bitter funny. The guy is adorable, and I do like him as an actor. I’ll look forward to being pleasantly surprised.


Okay let’s switch universes for a second. Marvel more importantly Black Panther. We’ve all been waiting for it and now it’s a reality. There is going to be a Black Panther Movie people! 2017! And who you ask is going to be the Prince T’Challa? Chadwick Boseman. That’s right James Brown himself! Am I excited? Heck yeah! We already know the man can act. He looks like the Prince, and no he’s not Idris Elba or Don Cheadle but as far as African American Actors go he holds his own.

Oh yeah and Dr. Strange is going to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Wait what pause excuse me? Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is going to be Dr. Strange. Meaning that he and Loki are going to be in the same universe. Meaning that Benedict Cumberbatch and Thomas Hiddleston might be on camera together? Prepare yourself, Tumblr might just explode. There’s not even a question of if the man can do it or not. We’ve seen him play a homicidal super humanoid. We’ve seen him play the world’s most famous detective. Hell we’ve even seen him play a friggin dragon! The man’s got the skill to pull this off and to the next millennium! All I have to say is my body is ready.

That’s all I know for so now. There are a lot of rumors and conversations going on right about other casting and actor. But I’d rather not give you anything I can’t vouch for myself. At least not right now. But with movies like Deadpool, (Which is going to be pg13….don’t even get me started) and the New Fantastic Four I’m expecting a lot more to come.

This is your friendly neighborhood fan girl saying,


Stay Super!


Just a writter in collage, addicted to the stage, making all the mistakes, and loving every minute of it!
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