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Being in college, it is so easy to get caught up in the overwhelming moments of due dates, applications, or outside work. That is why I stress the importance of taking a moment at least once a day to reflect on yourself. When I say ‘reflect,’ I mean taking a moment to practice something that makes you happy. If you tend to be an overthinker or a person who finds themselves worrying about the future a lot, a little reflection can go a long way. Many of our goals are to be successful and set the framework for our future selves. This futuristic thinking can be the thing that triggers these overwhelming feelings and overall distraught. When you feel these thoughts, it is important to stop, take a breath, and reflect. 


Stop and think about what is most important to you. Whether it is between schoolwork, family, or money, it is important to identify and remember what you are striving towards.  Getting caught up in pre-requisite classes, attempting to be the organization star, or signing up for  20 hours of work is so easy to do. There are only 24 hours in the day, start your morning with gratitude and affirmations: 

-Today will be a great day. 

-I will complete my to-do list. 

-I am resilient. 

-I will make the most of today. 

Starting your day off with a positive mindset can set the tone for how your day goes. After a week, write in a journal how you feel and if you noticed a difference from the weeks prior. 

Take a Breath 

This step is the fun part. Taking a breath means taking a literal breath, practicing breathing techniques, going for a walk, working on a hobby, or something in the drafts. When you take a moment of your day to do what makes you happy, you are giving yourself a moment to do something that will make you more content in the end. I like to work out or go for a walk to ground myself and take a moment. During the walk, I think about life, what makes me happy, and what I can change. It is easy to focus on and stress things you can’t change. Worrying about these things will lead you nowhere. So, during this moment, focus on the positive and what brings you peace. 


Reflection comes in many ways. Whether you have a to-do list, a daily planner, or a journal, reflect on what you were able to complete. Nobody is perfect, and we are all taking it one day at a time. There is no good to come from beating yourself up to get to this idea of perfection. Reflect and think about what steps brought you closer to your overall goals in life. We are young adults, and some things we will have to learn ourselves, one being able to give yourself your flowers. 

Overall, don’t get too caught up in the constant movement of the universe. The world is a busy place, and it can feel like everybody’s in a rush. Just remember, you are on the right path for you! The time you spend pouring into yourself can make a difference in the life of others in the future. No matter how chaotic things get in the old thinking chamber, remember to take a second of the day and love yourself.

Talliya Clarke

Georgia Southern '23

Talliya Clarke is a senior communication science & disorders major at Georgia Southern University. She loves talking about the travel, relationships, healing, and the art of music. She runs her own blog and in the future, she wants to travel while doing what she loves: writing.