Table for Two: Sara and Derrick

     For this week’s couple spotlight, we have chosen Derrick Barber and Sara Noel! This dynamic duo actually attended the same high school, in Riverdale, Georgia, where he was a football player and she was a cheerleader, but the relationship didn’t blossom until two years later when they both began going to Georgia Southern!

*I'm not crying, you're crying...*

While they are both full time students, she is a junior Kinesiology major and he is a senior Computer Science major, they both run small businesses! Sara has a poppin' beauty business , which is run through her Instagram (@noelbeautybar)! She loves doing hair and making people feel beautiful! One look at her Instagram had me swooning over her talent! Braids, bundles, dyes, eyebrows, sew-ins, locs, she does it all! Derrick runs a tech-fixing business and seeks any type of electronic (literally anything you can name, he's seeking it). He repairs devices for reasonable prices and you can contact him through Instagram or Twitter (@aves_avenue)! In the future, he hopes to grow his tech-fixing business domestically and internationally. She is aiming for a career in sports medicine.


*I'm sensing a power couple...*

Even though they've been together for a year and a half, they're still madly in love with each other! Sara and Derrick love spending any type of quality time together, but their favorite activities are cooking together and watching Netflix... Yes, they love the Walking Dead just like everyone else!

When I asked him her favorite thing about her, he quickly responded: “I love how caring and committed she is about everything in her life. She’s truly such a hard worker.” 

When asked the same question, Sara said, “I love how he makes me his number one priority. He always makes me feel safe and will do anything to make me feel happy.” 

Her Campus wishes nothing but the best for this beautiful couple!

*Alexa play Crazy In Love...*