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Table for Two: Amari and Zay

This week’s Table for Two features sophomore couple Amari Tasby and Isaiah Jarvis. They’ve been dating for almost two years now and I was able to sit down with the two of them and ask a few questions.


  • How did you guys meet?
    • “We met at Chick-Fil-A when we were both working there.”
  • What’s your favorite thing about each other?
    • Isaiah: “My favorite thing about Amari is her ambition and how hard she works to accomplish her goals.”
    • Amari: “My favorite thing about Isaiah is that he’s always about his business.”
  • What’s your favorite memory of each other?
    • Isaiah: “My favorite memory would have to be our first date because she made me laugh and normally girls aren’t that funny to me.”
    • Amari: “My favorite memory of him is probably from my birthday when he almost burned my room down.”
  • What’s your favorite thing to do together? Why?
    • Isaiah: “Our favorite thing to do together would have to be laying up watching movies and tv shows because it’s relaxing, and I get to enjoy her company.”
    • Amari: “Our favorite thing to do together is eat and sleep. Periodt.”
  • What are you guys’ plans for the future?
    • Isaiah: “Our plans for the future are hopefully to graduate college, travel the world and try a lot of new things together.”
    • Amari: “Our plans for the future are to thrive in our desired careers and hopefully have little puppies and kiddies.”

You can keep up with Amari and Isaiah by following them on their social media pages.


  • Twitter: @zayclutch and @l0vemarii
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