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SZA is back and she is on it. Hit Different is the new single by the beautiful SZA featuring Ty Dolla $ign and The Neptunes. The singer has dropped songs in collaboration with Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and DJ Khaled in the past three years, but has yet to come out with a song for her upcoming project. 

SZA mentioned her anxiety in her recent interview with Apple Music and how she has not been ready to release her music due to her anxiety. In the interview, she also gave insight into her creative process of creating songs. As well as, she is very attached to her music and she even gave a few hints to future songs. SZA said "Everything sounds different but it all sounds like me. So Hit different doesn't sound like anything else on the project. And then neither does you know Good days which is at the end of that, doesn't sound like Joni, doesn't sound like Love Language, doesn't sound like- everything sounds different in its own way."

The visuals for Hit Different are as beautiful and amazing as the actual song. SZA actually directed the video herself incorporating ideas of sacrifice and rebirth, as well as sharing aspects of her personality that include her tomboy street style mixed with strappy heels and bikini tops that shows her femineity throughout the video. She also incorporates her gymnastic skill and shares a portion of her morning Qigong routine. 

So are we officially back into SZA SZN? I surely hope so!


Kiara Rosado

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Kiara Rosado attends Georgia Southern University and is a Public Relations major from Lawrenceville, Georgia. She loves music, movies, makeup, fashion, and food. If you cannot find her on campus check the local coffee shop or the gym. Always dressed to her best and looking for inspiration on what to write next.
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