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Staying Motivated Post-Spring Break



Spring break has come and gone, which means we’re entering into the ladder part of the semester! Sometimes, getting back into the groove of school after you’ve had a relaxing break is super difficult. If you need some help staying motivated so that you can slay the rest of the semester, then keep reading. Here are five ways for you to stay motivated after Spring Break!

  1. Keep going to class—I know this seems like a no brainer, but after spring break, it seems like our will to get up and go to class gets weaker and weaker. If you’re struggling with making your way to your classes, keep reminding yourself why you’re in college. We all know our educations aren’t free, and nobody wants to waste their money. Go to class, and don’t let the fact that you had an awesome spring break stop your momentum.

  2. Stay organized—Like my last tip, I’m sure staying organized seems like it would be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people let themselves become a disorganized mess after spring break. Staying organized is essential to finishing the semester strong. Fight the urge to throw loose papers into your backpack, and to stop writing in your planner. Keep the same energy you had when the semester started, you’re almost done, you’ve got this! 

  3. Set some goals—Just as you did at the beginning of the semester, try setting some goals for what you want the rest of your semester to look like. Write these goals down, along with some steps you  need to take in order to achieve them. It may seem a little late in the game to set goals, but if you are feeling unmotivated after spring break, then looking at your goals will help you keep your eyes on the prize. After you write these goals down, be sure to put them somewhere you know you’ll see them on a daily basis, just like you did with your New Year’s’ Resolutions.

  4. Keep a steady routine—Don’t let the interruption of your school grind known as spring break, allow you to fall off the wagon of your consistent routine.Staying true to a consistent routine, will really help you stay motivated an on top of your school work. Making sure that you have some structure in your daily routine is a huge part in making sure that you keep your momentum and stay motivated for the remainder of the semester.

  5. Get support— Finding a strong scholarly support system is a great way to help you stay motivated throughout the end of the semester. Surrounding yourself with people who are dedicated to working hard and finishing strong will help keep you accountable with your work and your classes. If you want to go all out, find a few people in each of your classes who are willing to work with you and keep you accountable for your grades.  

We all needed that week long break from the headache that school can be, but it’s time to buckle down and get back to work. You’ve worked hard all semester, you’ve laid the foundation, and now you’ve just got the put the icing on the cake. I know you’re tired, but you’ve got to keep fighting. You’ve got this!

Nailah Mitnaul

Georgia Southern

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