Staycation: How to Make Your Spring Break at Home Worthwhile

Spring break is finally here after being consumed by the work of our academics, organizations and other obligations for the past few months. This is a full week gifted to use to do absolutely nothing, if we choose. Your mind can finally take a break and breathe.

If your spring break does not involve taking a big trip or going out of the country, that does not mean you have to sit at home miserable. There are a few things you can do to have fun and reward your mind and body.

Here are some suggestions to not make this break wasteful:

#1 Netflix, Netflix and Netflix!

How many shows or movies have you missed out on because of your school work? Now is the time to catch up on your shows without feeling guilty. Make it fun and binge watch a series with your friends or even Netflix alone for some me-time.

#2 Visit a local café.

Whether you are going to your hometown or staying at school, there are good, local food places and coffee shops ready for you to try out. During school, you may not go out a ton during the week, so here’s your chance. Go out and try some new food, and we aren’t talking about fast-food either. Go out for a nice dinner and treat yourself for the hard work you have put in so far in the semester.

#3 Take a mini trip.

Sure, you may not have been able to go to that foreign country you have always wanted to go to, but there may be nearby places just as cool that you can travel to. Go to a local beach or even another city close by that has more to do. You can plan a day-trip and make it just as fun.


#4 Sleep!

Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do, however I don’t get as much of it as I should during the semester. Spring break is the perfect time to make up for all the sleep you have lost trying to meet deadlines. Sleep as much as you please, who know when the next time is you will be able to.

#5 Hang out with good friends.

Not everyone around you may be going away for break, so it would be fun to get together and plan something to do. It does not have to be anything huge; the only thing required is that it is fun for everyone.

#6 Be productive.

School work is the last thing anyone wants to mention while on vacation, but no one has ever regretted being productive. During those times where you are extremely bored, it would never hurt to get ahead in your classes. Start brainstorming and planning for your end-of-the-semester project. Research internships to take in the summer or upcoming fall. It will benefit you to get something out the way so you will not have to stress over them later. Set aside a day, or even just an hour to get ahead!