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Spring Survival Guide

Hey everybody! Spring break is a hop, skip and jump away so hopefully everyone has their plans set in stone (read my previous spring break post.ha) and now it is time learn how to survive spring break. Spring break is full of temptation, sin and many other things to have a horribly grand time so one must be weary as soon as the fun begins.

1.       The most important thing is the “buddy system”. DO NOT go anywhere alone and let your whole group know where you are going. Even if it is the store right across the street, grab a friend for the epic 50 foot journey.


2.       Make sure your reservations are in place before you make the trip.


3.       Leave the expensive stuff behind. You don’t need your MacBook, your $80 jeans, $300 purse, or six pair of your $200 sneakers. Forget those Ray-Bans and grab a cheap pair of shades, nobody cares. When you return home and see the damage done, you will regret those decisions and that’s if you haven’t lost your items.


4.       DO NOT hook up with somebody in your group. This is just awkward and bad news waiting to happen.


5.       DO NOT hook up with strangers. That is just nasty and that stranger could scar you for life in more ways than one.


6.        If you don’t see the drink poured, do not drink it. We all know Stu from The Hangover series right?

7.       Drink to have fun, not to get wasted. Obviously! You don’t want to spend a majority of your break slumped of a toilet in your hotel room do you?


8.       Life’s universal rule, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!


9.       No drama, not even for “yo” momma. You are on break to have fun so make sure that you do.


10.   Stay faithful, don’t cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend. You know the truth will always surface somehow. Don’t let one week ruin all the time spent with your significant other.


11.   Leave the stages alone, no twerk contests or wet t-shirt contests. It might be a time to remember until your employer or parent comes across a random picture or video of you having the time of your life.


12.   Try something you haven’t done before, something decent of course like parasailing or scuba diving.


13.   Keep your parents in mind. Funny right?





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