Spooky Season Movie Marathon

It's spooky season, aka let the fall vibes proceed. Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, ghost stories, movie nights, apple cider, apple pie, pumpkin spice anything, sweet potato casserole, and as much candy as I could ever want until the winter season of peppermint, hot chocolate, and Hershey kisses. 

As we lead up to Halloween it’s obviously movie marathon time. Some of my favorite Halloween/ spooky movies I think everyone can love and watch leading up to the spooky day. So, let’s begin:

Don’t Look Under the Bed: This is a Disney channel classic that you can find on Disney Plus. I found out about this movie earlier this month and I truly understand why children were scared in 1996. This movie was actually directed pretty well for a Disney Channel movie and honestly, a great story that kept my boyfriend and I interested the whole way through. 

Hocus Pocus: Now this is a Halloween classic. If you haven’t watched this movie, please do. It is an amazing story about witches and a dumb virgin like every great Halloween movie. Additionally, most years many movie theaters will show it during October. 

Twitches 1 & 2: Twin witches. Period. Growing up I would always watch these movies. Now today I will admit the productions and CGI are a little if not a lot bit iffy. Still a nostalgic vibe I try watch every October. 

Beetlejuice: Another Halloween classic and my little sister’s favorite. My little sister had to be included because she was born on Halloween and loves all things Halloween. As well as scary movies, but for this list, we will keep them somewhat family-friendly. 

The Corpse Bride: Growing up my sister and I would fight over which movies we would watch all the time. I personally loved The Corpse Bride and I still do and she would always want to watch Coraline (another one of the favorites I watch all year round but I’ll never let her know that). I love this movie to death. 

Coraline: As I said I love this movie as well and watch it all the time. This is one of my go-to movies if I do not know what to watch. Super creepy but so familiar to me. A nostalgic vibe everyone should watch during spooky season snuggled up with blankets and stuffed animals without button eyes. 

Frankenweenie: Now I am a cry baby and this story is so cute. I cry at the end of this movie almost every time I watch it. I love my old dog Spock who I’ve had since middle school and if anything were to happen to him, I would probably die (JK I’m not, but a piece of me would). I love any cartoon with dogs and the love between a pet and its owner. 

Carrie: Now here is a scary classic movie. The old version and the new are both up for grabs. I honestly do not remember the newer one as much because I only watched it once, but I don’t remember it being bad. The old one though used to scare me so much as a child. My parents would always watch scary movies and I see why my sister loves scary movies. 

The Shining: Another scary movie, but honestly, it’s more just psychological. I also recommend Doctor Sleep the sequel to the Shining. Both are great in my opinion. I recommend you watch this with someone else or you will truly believe you are going insane after.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: I mean this my favorite Halloween night/ next day with some apple cider, candy apples, and a pile of blankets and pillows movie. It is an obvious classic for both Halloween and Christmas. 


Now for Television shows:

Ratched: Just watch it. If you have not already gone ahead and binged it, do it. It is on Netflix and it is great. 

Deadly Affairs: one of my favorite things to put on anytime. If you are looking for something to put on in the background throughout the spooky season, I highly suggest this show.

Dexter: It is a classic that everyone should watch. Has plenty of seasons and enough mystery to suffice a spooky season show.

American Horror Story: The spooky show itself. My favorite seasons are 3, 2, and 1 in that order. Saying that all of the seasons have a creepy and spooky theme to them.