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This week I wanted to talk about the upcoming talent that is present at Georgia, but specifically here at Georgia Southern University. This will be an ongoing series that takes place over the course of the next few months I interviewed rapper Taye Savvy (Instagram and Twitter @TayeSavvy, Snapchat @itstayezduhh), rapper Lavish Kiddo (Instagram @Lavish Kiddo, contact at lavishkiddonookings@gmail.com), and producer Mikewitdamac The MacLord (Instagram @mikewitdamac). 

Taye Savvy Interview

  1. How did you get your stage name [Taye Savvy], how does it represent who you are and the music you make? 

     “It’s funny because my name was going to be just Taye, but my brothers told me it was too basic. So I came up with TayeSavvy. Savvy is someone who [has] good judgement and has practical knowledge, so it fits perfectly. 

  1. What is the driving force of your music or creative processes? What are the ways you overcome any creative blocks?

Honestly when I’m making music, I just make whatever I’m feeling in my heart at the time. I go into the studio and turn on a beat, if it makes me reminisce on my difficult past I just speak about it. Freestyling is one way to overcome my creative blocks, I can write or just go punch in. Punching in allows me to overcome the writing block, makes the music not feel as forces when I just go in and do it. 

  1. Nowadays, the music field is very competitive. How do you stand out? Why does your music deserve to be heard? What do you do differently than others?

I can say that I have a very unique sound, but still get compared to Polo G, Lil Durk, YNW Melly, and Rod Wave due to my melodies. I believe my music should be heard because I make music about my story that should be heard. I’m from the small violent town of Dublin, Georgia and people don’t usually make it out, especially not in music, but I got faith that I will. One thing I can say I do differently than others is speak about the real, and to chase your dreams. The graveyard is the richest place on earth; it’s so many people who have passed with a dream, but [we're] too lazy or had no plan to get to it. A plan without work is dead, same as work without a plan is dead. 

  1. If I’m interviewing you, obviously that means you’re pretty well known around GSU. What point did you realize that your music is genuinely good music and that success is very much within your reach?

Probably after my first album [Die With Memories Not Dreams] dropped. Before realizing I kept doubting my music heavily, but I realized my music career won’t ever go anywhere if I continue to doubt and not attempt, even if I fail. After I released I got so much good feedback and people were spamming me for more music and music videos, so it kind of gave me reassurance like “hey I can do this”.

  1. Anything else you would like to add or comment on? 

Follow my social media (see above). Take a listen to my music “TayeSavvy” on all platforms, and just be a witness on this long road to fame. 


Lavish Kiddo and Mikewitdamac The Maclord Interview 

  1. How long have you been making music, and who has been an inspiration to you and your music during the time you started. 

Mikewitdamac: I’ve been making music for approximately two years. 

LavishKiddo: Since high school, so about three or four years. I have to say Lil Baby is my inspiration. First, he doesn’t miss. His music does not miss. Second, he does a lot for his community. He doesn't just rap, he gives back, he gives scholarships to his highschool. His music is really inspirational and heartfelt. 

M: Drake. My inspiration is Drake. He’s really the game leader, he has a lot of followers but he also has a lot of haters. But his haters are his motivators, and I look up to that. I can do that. 

  1. What would you say is your creative processes, if you want to make a song. How do you go through that process? 

LK: I need gushers. I need water, good energy, and good vibes in the room. We need LED lights in the dark. I also prefer ruby red juice. 

M: I just need a laptop and a room, with no disturbances and I can cook up any type of beat whenever. 

  1. How did you all get your names?

M: So, I had a mac and my name is Mike. My boy Scrap came up with the name, he just said: “Mike With The Mac” and someone said “MacLord”, and I just put it together. Ding, ding, ding! “Mikewitdamac, The MacLord”. I ran it past my friend Gio, and he approved. 

LK: I got the name Lavish Kiddo because Lavish is the status that I want to reach in life. I manifest it every time I say my name. Everyone had “Lil” or “Young” in front of their name, so I added Kiddo on the end to flip it and be different.

  1. The music field is pretty competitive, how do you plan on keeping up or surpass people in order to reach that level of success?

M: Keep working, keep grinding, keep going in, and keep going hard every day. I eat, breathe, and sleep music. It beats every day. You just gotta keep going. 

LK: I’m just going to stay in my lane. I’m on a wave that no one can surf, I’m in a lane that no one can drive-in. I’m already ten times ahead because that’s how I think. So surpassing others is not on my mind because I’m my only competition. I can only be a better me.

The talent that is coming out of Georgia is incredible, and the talent that is coming out of Georgia Southern University is unstoppable. One thing I’ve taken away from these interviews is that you are your best friend and your greatest ally or your worst enemy, you need only apply yourself and have faith. Be sure to stream the artists and keep an eye out for the rest of the series where I interview upcoming artists and discuss Georgia’s rap music. 


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