Soul Food Affirmations

I love affirmations as much as I love food. Words of affirmations is even one of my love languages. Words are powerful and sometimes we need to speak power into ourselves.

We have to be mindful of the things we speak, especially the words are directed towards us. The tongue is the source of life and death and we should be careful that we only speak life.

Affirmations are simply positive words used to encourage, uplift and support yourself or others. The key word here is affirm. When you say an affirmation, you’re affirming something.

What we think influences how we act and move. If we believe it, then it is so. If we don’t, it will reflect in everything we do.

Affirmations feed the soul, so here’s some soul food to practice:

The drive I need to reach every goal is already in me. I have the tools to get to where I need to go. I can create what I need to move me higher even if I must do it by myself. Procrastination will not be a threat. Doubt will not be a threat. I am goal-driven.

Happiness belongs to me. I do not have to let any circumstance or person(s) take away my joy for long. Nothing temporary can remove the permanent joy placed in me. I can have an off day and be great the next, even if the next day does not mean when the sun rises. I have that choice.

I will succeed in everything I do. Success and my name are intertwined. I will not have one and not the other. Even a failure I may encounter is just a setup for future success. Closed doors only mean an open door is nearby, or on the way.

I exude confidence. Confidence looks great on me. My personality deserves to speak confidence loudly, even when ears are not opened to hear it. I will walk with confidence. I will speak with confidence.  I love being able to wake up to confidently being me.

I am always whole even when I feel broken. I need no one to complete me because I am already complete. Anything added to me is only an accessory, a gift, but it does not make up who I am. I was complete the minute I was created.

I have peace within myself. I do not have to look for a peace source anywhere else because I am peace. I can create peace. I will not let anything steal my peace. I am perfectly at peace with myself, and that is all that matters. If I feel peace, then there is peace.

Every piece of me that hurts has the capability to drown in health. I have healing and healing is inevitable for me. I can heal and I will heal. Sicknesses, whether physical or emotional, cannot live in my body forever. I feel better as I speak. Every muscle is strengthened, my systems are functioning as they should, and my heart is mended.