A Shaggy Story

Meet Aleyah Fieldings and her dog, Toby!

Aleyah is a sophomore here at Georgia Southern, and currently majors in Business Management. She started off as a Biology/Pre-Vet major, due to her passion for animals. Though her major has changed, her love for animals certainly hasn’t! Her pet, Toby, could easily be her definition of the term “best-friend” in the dictionary.

Toby, is two years old and is a poodle/schnauzer mix (aka, a schnoodle). Aleyah alternates between having him live with her here on campus and letting him live with the rest of her family back home.

Aleyah was driven to get another dog after her previous dog, Bentley, passed away in March of 2016.

“After Bentley passed, I’d see rescue pages on my Facebook feed and regularly asked my mom if I could get one, though she often said no in return. One day she found Toby’s ad at a shelter, we both thought he was the cutest thing! That day, my sister and I went to the shelter and bought him. They told us that his previous owner had abused him. Despite his previous abuse, he still had such a sweet and loving personality when we chose him. I fell in love with him at first sight!”

Toby’s ability to still be such a sweet dog despite abuse serves as a testament to the resilience of many pets that are in animal shelters. I asked Aleyah her thoughts on buying a pet from an animal shelter as opposed to buying one from a breeder.

“I definitely prefer buying from a shelter. I don’t like how dog breeders create lives just to make money, not for them to be loved or to live a fun, happy life.”

And Toby certainly lives his best life!

 You can find Aleyah and Toby at Sweetheart Circle, lounging in her eno and enjoying the sun!

 To adopt a pet from The Statesboro Humane Society call 912-681-9393 or email at [email protected]