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Sexual Harassment Among Men



The topic of men getting sexually harassed is rarely ever talked about. We overlook the  fact and think of it as a minute subject. But why is it a totally different situation with women? Accusations of sexual harassment are always all over the media when it comes to women. Do we not shed enough light on the stories of men because we find it be unusual. Men who are sexually assaulted by women happens more than we would like to take credit for. I wonder if it is because women are so overly emotional and men just tend to hide the emotional pain they endure. Whatever the case may be sexual harassment is a huge problem and not only does it happen to women it also happens with men too.

    Recently on American Idol a contestant was kissed unwillingly by Katy Perry. There was controversy as to whether the kiss Katy Perry gave him was considered sexual harassment, or was it just an act of endearment. The media went crazy and tried to switch the situation around to say that if it were a teenage girl who got kissed by a man then all hell would have broke loose. The headlines would look a little something like this, “ American Idol Judge Accused Of Sexually Harassing Contestant In Serious Trouble”. But I guess because the judge wears lipstick, 6 inch heels, and carries both an x chromosome then we can look past the fact. There have been so many reported cases of sexual harassment among celebrities recently. Many reporters, producers, and coaches have lost their job. Sexual harassment is a serious topic and I think it is time that we stop being so bias towards the subject.

I think it is important that we talk more about sexual harassment among men. Just because men are perceived to be the more dominant trait of species does not mean that they can not go through things that us females go through. From experience I had a friend who was sexually harassed as a kid but did not speak out against it because he lived with his dad and 2 brothers. He felt that him confronting the topic would have made him look like a “lame”. His brothers and dad all would have just laughed about the topic and would have said that he was turning into a man before his time. Although he told me the story years after it had happened I know that he was very uncomfortable about the situation. Just because  time went by without him telling anyone does not mean he is okay with it and wanted it to happen at the time. During our talk I asked him if he still felt a certain way and surprisingly he said no and he has moved on from it. I wish that every guy who has faced sexual harassment would feel brave or comfortable enough to address the topic and speak out about it so that society would treat it just as important as we do with women.


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