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Senior Year: Relationships

Here’s the one topic every college girl hates to love. Relationships. College is hard, classes are irritating, and getting into relationships . . . well, that’s just a complication all on its own. And starting one during the last year . . . well!

But we can’t help who we like and we definitely can’t help wanting to connect with people. There are many routes people take to face this challenge, and it can’t be said that they’re all good.

The general consensus on relationships, is “why bother?” We’re about to graduate. The world is our oyster. So why should we tie ourselves down?

But let’s face it, as much as we want to have something no strings attached, that’s not actually a thing. And every girl has that romantic in them just waiting for ‘the one’. It’s not realistic, but we sure wish it were.

But are we going to find it here, now, right as we’re on our way out? It’s just so messy isn’t it? If they’re younger then you have to think about going off and leaving them. And who wants a long distance relationship?

Or maybe it’ll all work out. The distance won’t matter. The strings will come and they won’t break. You both will make it through and come out on the other side completely unscathed. And it’s this tiny maybe that keeps the romantic girl from giving up hope.

Relationships during any year can be scary, but if the world is our oyster, then we might as well crack it open and see if it has that romantic pearl.


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Samantha Harvey

Georgia Southern

I was born in New York. I go to Georgia Southern University. I love to write and read.
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