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This Sunday we are highlighting Jasiel Quezada for Senior Sunday! She’s from Cobb County, Atlanta, Georgia and is graduating in December of 2018. Her chosen field of study is Psychology and her birthday is December 17th. To learn more about Jasiel, I asked her a few questions!


Why did you choose to further your education at Georgia Southern?

Jasiel: “When I was taking college tours I visited Southern’s campus and it was so beautiful! I instantly fell in love and I have loved it ever since. The best decision I have made was coming to Southern. it has truly been an amazing experience.”


What inspired you to choose your field of study?

Jasiel:  “I took Intro to Psychology and was hooked. Learning about the mind and how people think is so interesting and there is always more to learn. Also, my mom graduated with a psychology degree so I guess I am following in her footsteps as well.”


Do you partake in any extracurricular activities?

Jasiel:  “I am a model for Visage Fashion Company here on campus. This is my first year doing it and my first time doing something so outside of my comfort zone, but it has been really fun so far.I’ve also met some really great people. I’m in a community service fraternity as well named Alpha Phi Omega.”


What are your hobbies?

Jasiel: “I have been saying for a while that I need to get a hobby but in my spare time I like to watch Netflix and I enjoy baking!”


What are your favorite television shows at the moment?

Jasiel: “This is a tough one because I am currently watching so many shows at on time but I would have to say I am hooked on a show called Titans. It’s a live action teen titans show about their backstory and how they became to be the teen titans.”


Who do you draw inspiration from?

Jasiel: “I would say that I draw inspiration from my mom. She has been a single mother, graduated college, and is working in a field that she loves. She also recently got a promotion. She’s such an inspiration for how hard work can get you the things that you want.”


Do you have any graduation plans?

Jasiel:  “I plan to try and find a job or I have been thinking about going into the military if I can get into the loan forgiveness program.”


How would you describe your ideal job after graduation?

Jasiel: “For me my ideal job would be something that I love and am excited to go to every day while also making tons of money. I want a job that does not even feel like a job but a fun hobby.”


Have you changed personally during college?

Jasiel: “I would say I’ve grown tremendously since I first entered college. I mean, who doesn’t grow? We come into college young at 18 and leave at 22-23. I have grown out of those young, childish habits and learned that life takes work and compromise. I have learned so much about myself and others and have figured out what I want out of life.”


Describe your most rewarding college experience.

Jasiel: “I feel like my most rewarding college experience will be when I finally graduate next month!”


To follow up on Jasiel’s last few weeks on campus and her post-grad life, you can follow her on Twitter @Jasiee_ .

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