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Running mouths to stay relevant

I’ve noticed lately that in order to have some kind of relevancy in Hollywood, most, if not all celebrities (so you call them) are popping off at the mouth about other people. They speak on other people’s issues or previous beefs that they had in order to have some kind of “Newsworthy” information spreading across.

That seems kind of lame if you ask me.

Think about it for a second. Why would I use your issues to keep myself relevant? That’s dumb. That’s why celebrities like the Game and Meek Mill have this on-going beef on Instagram just so people can keep speaking on them, but for what though? There’s really not much that can come out of that, except a post from baller alert and the shade room.

If you are talented enough, or you have something that is worth talking about, then you wouldn’t have to mention anyone because your talent would be enough for everyone to speak on. We give so much thought into these fake reality TV celebrities and these fake beefs and it just makes no sense. When you speak on other’s issues, you are doing them a favor by boosting their name up. It’s like talent is not good enough anymore.

I guess I’m more about self-promotion. I know that what I want to do after I graduate will be enough to keep my name relevant without mentioning anyone else. I would like the world to know what I am capable of doing and how I plan on impacting lives in such a positive manner, not why I don’t like this person or that person. That limits what I can do and pretty soon, I will only be known as that and people will not take me seriously.

What make it worse it that you have these radio stations or shows like the Wendy Williams show that are known for hitting these celebrities with these types of questions and it makes me think there are plenty of more important questions that you could be asking or questions that they would like for you to ask, but because of the world we live in, asking the more important questions is considered “IRRELEVANT” OR “BORING”.

I honestly feel bad for those who are coming after this generation because they will look at this and feel like they need to be as controversial and speak negatively on everyone in order to have some kind of platform. From a PR perspective, any press is good press, whether negative or positive, but from a human perspective, it just seems like no one took the time to come up with good quality information that could possibly boost that person on a positive manner, so they chose to go with the easy route and become messy.

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