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Regardless, Vote!


Are you registered to vote? I know I know! You have heard this all year, but this election year determines a lot.  I’ll be the first to admit that I did not even want to participate in this year’s election this year, looking at the candidates nothing is ideal. Nothing seems like the perfect decision for this country at this point. This will be my very first election, and even though I am very disappointed in my two options, I know that my vote will determine the future of this country.  I don’t mean to be that one blogger that brings up the past, but our ancestors fought for the right to vote a very long time ago and it is important that we exercise our rights and do everything we can to make sure America stays on track.  There are over 7 billion people in this world and despite what you may think, EVERY little vote counts. Voting in the presidential election is not the only election we need to be solely focused on. Local elections are JUST as important as the presidential election.  Local elections are important due to the fact that they determine our community living conditions, quality of our school systems, and distribution of our tax dollars to benefit the community.  These decisions need to be made by the most qualified candidate, so that our communities can remain strong and create and maintain upstanding environments for our children. When you are thinking “why vote?” “Our candidates aren’t the best this year round why waste my vote?” “I don’t even know my local candidates, I’m not going to vote.” Think about your future and your future children and make the decision that will benefit them and aiding them in having the best life possible.

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