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The Reality of Relationships in the 21st Century: Situational?

The ​Reality of Relationships in the 21st Century…    


We all know that dating has changed from what it used to be. It is inevitable that it has changed because the world that we know today has gone through many changes from what it used to be, positively and negatively; we have evolved. Technology is one of the biggest ways that we have evolved. Technology has opened a whole new spectrum of romance. Positively, we can connect with just about anyone globally and we can show sides of ourselves that we may not be able to portray in person. We can chat with just about anyone without them being there. Technology has also altered the reality of what young people expect out of relationships. Social media has created a new perspective of love, which is sometimes not all the way real. Young people have a view of love in their minds based off of reality tv and 21st Century morals. What draws the line between public and private? Do you have to post your significant other to let others know that you are in a relationship? The new technology has created new types of relationships and ideas when it comes to relationships.

Have you ever been in a “situationship”?

You probably have.

“Urban Dictionary defines a “situationship” as “a relationship that has no label on it…like a friendship, but more than a friendship, but not quite a relationship.” … Instead, both individuals just continue teetering and tottering on the see-saw that is their undefined relationship for months, sometimes even years.” Situationships can end really good… or really bad. In my opinion it’s an intimate relationship without titles. Sort of like friends with benefits but both parties are aware that you are more than friends. It’s sort of like doing relationship things without claiming the relationship. Personally, I think situationships are dangerous and problematic. If there are no titles then that gives both parties the option to do as they chose. Meaning that ultimately there really aren’t any rules and you can mess with who you want to mess with; that’s trouble.

If the relationship is intimate, which nine times out of 10 it is, then a lack of communication between both parties is also dangerous and that leads to conflict. Both parties should be clear on what they want and what their intentions are going into this “relationship”. Although you are not calling it a relationship, it kind of is if you’re having… relations.

I think situationships are definitely more common these days because younger people are so much more quicker to give in than what romance morals used to be. The media talks about sex and relationships literally all day and millennials and younger generations are giving in; looking for “love”. Sex is not love. Sex is an intimate action but just because you’re having sex does not mean its love. You should know you’re in a situationship if you’re doing the things of a relationship; sleeping together, having sex, hanging out like a couple in public, going on dates, showing interest in each other past friends, etc. If you’re in a situationship with no verbally expressed intentions: get out. If you want more with someone and their not communicating that with you then TELL THEM or find someone else who will appreciate you enough to call you theirs. Maybe both parties aren’t ready for commitment and even then, that’s kind of toxic. Don’t do commitment things like have frequent sex but not want the commitment and responsibility that comes with it. Communication is key, people. We’re all human and we all have emotions. Social Media has kind of messed with our communication skills. Be honest and communicate.

Simone Sanders

Georgia Southern '21

I am a writer for HC at Georgia Southern University.
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