QUIZ: Which Celebrity Costume Is Best For You?

Still stuck on a costume? This quiz has got you covered. Keep track of your answers to find out which celebrity costume is best for you at the end!

1. Which three words describe your style?

A. Laid-back, Unique, Colorful

B. Thrifted, Vintage, Retro

C. Trendy, Stylish, Chic


2.  Choose a season.

A. Winter 

B. Fall

C. Summer


3. Out of these colors, which is your favorite?

A. Neon Colors

B. Red

C. Yellow


4. Where is your dream summer vacation?

A. A staycation at home

B. Nashville, Tennessee

C. Florence, Italy


5. Pick a fall style essential. 

A. Oversized fluffy jacket

B. Long sleeved sweaters

C. Knee High Boots


6. Favorite sweets?

A. Cookies

B. Sour candy

C. Chocolates


7.  Choose a Billboard Top 100 song.

A. Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi

B. Dixie Chicks - Cowboy Take Me Away

C. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation


8. In your opinion, which is a beauty must-have?

A. Freshly manicured nails

B. A Bold Lipstick 

C. Nice Eyebrows


9. Finish the quote, “When life gives you lemons…”

A. “Take it. Don’t waste food.”

B. “Sell it and make a profit.”

C. “Make lemonade.”


10. You’re in New York City with free tickets to see a Broadway Musical, which one will you choose to see?

A. Matilda the Musical

B. Cats

C. The Lion King


Now, the results are in! If you got:



Mostly A’s - Billie Eilish

You’re the Bad Guy, Duh. If you got mostly A’s it’s time to gather your oversized tees and matching shorts because this year you’re dressing up as Billie Eilish! When asked about how she describes her own personal style in 2017 during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Billie said her personal style was “pretty weird” and went on to give the following reply:


“I just like dressing out of my comfort zone. I want to dress in a way that if I was in a room full of people wearing regular clothes, I would be like, “Oh, I bet everyone’s looking at me.”


So, don’t be afraid to stand out and wear your costume proudly this year as you dress like Billie Eilish!


Mostly B’s - Taylor Swift

If you got mostly B’s you should be Miss Americana herself, Taylor Swift! For years, Taylor’s signature style has consisted of both polished and chic elements with a cool and vintage touch as well. To get the look of the Lover singer, you’ll need some of Taylor’s most quintessential clothing.

For example, If you’re choosing to recreate Taylor’s Lover era try to find an outfit that consists of pastel colors and sparkles. Ultimately though, whichever era you choose to recreate no Taylor swift costume is finished without a stuffed animal representing Taylor’s beloved cats; Dr. Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button. And though her style has evolved over the years, one staple that has remained constant is Taylor’s signature red lips. A bold red lip is a must-have for your costume! No matter which era or taylor look you decide to recreate, your costume is sure to never go out of style.


Mostly C’s - Beyonce

If you got mostly C’s it’s time to get in formation because this year you should dress up as Beyonce! Every year Beyonce never fails to come up with an unexpected costume idea that amazes people across the internet everywhere. And this year, you can join in on the fun by dressing up as Beyonce herself! Whether you choose to recreate Beyonce’s memorable Coachella ensemble shown through her Netflix documentary, “Homecoming,” or you opt to recreate a look more resemblant of Beyonce’s portrayal of “Nala” in “The Lion King” earlier this year, your costume is sure to be irreplaceable.