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Protecting Your Crown: Building “Her” Confidence

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As a woman of color, I feel that investing time and effort into making sure your hair is happy and healthy is extremely important. Not only is our hair our crowns, but it is also what shapes our appearance and how we express our personalities. Loving our hair at its natural state also allows us to feel self-love and build our inner confidence. However, there are many women that don’t know what products to use on their specific hair type. Luckily, I’m here to save the day! Here are my top three go-to brands that I love to use on daily and especially on wash days:

Shea Moisture

Ever since I started my natural hair journey, Shea Moisture products have always been my absolute favorite. I typically use their Coconut & Hibiscus or their Jamaican Black Castor Oil line of products. Not only do they smell absolutely amazing, but they keep my hair moisturized, growing, and softened while also giving the curls a pop.


The creators definitely knew what they were doing with this brand. If you are anything like me and have type four hair, this is the product for you. Not only does this brand have products that define curls, but it also has products geared to those with sensitive scalps. Their Rice Water collection has helped my hair retain length and eliminate split ends.

As I Am

This is another brand that I’ve been using since the beginning of my journey. Not only does this product give my curls a hydrated look, I have also noticed that it reduces the amount of dandruff my hair produces when it’s growing. My favorite product to use from this brand is the Classic Double Butter Cream. If you love doing protective styles such as braids or twist out this is the perfect product for you. It not only defines the hair but also eliminates the frizz that twist outs and braids cause, with just a minimal amount of product.

I’m so happy I was able to share some of my favorite brands with you all and I hope they will help you protect your crown and build your inner confidence!

Endeyah McLendon

Georgia Southern '24

My name is Endeyah McLendon. I am a junior at Georgia Southern University, majoring in Exercise Science. After I graduate I plan to become a Pediatrician. I enjoy spending my free time traveling, shopping, and hanging out with my friends.