Pros and Cons of Being A Tall Woman

Everytime I meet someone new, I always get the same look and either one of these phrases…

  1. "You’re so tall, wow!"

  2. "Wow, I feel so small next to you!"


As cute as that was when I was in elementary and middle school, at 19, I’m pretty sick of it. Yes, I’m tall. Don’t you think I’ve noticed?

Standing at 5’11, I am significantly larger than most women. And if I decide to wear heels, I’m around 6’3. So basically, I’d fit in fairly well with a professional basketball team. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind when you wish you were more on the leggy side.  


  1. No matter how many times you explain that both of your parents are tall, people will STILL ask how you’re so tall. Well, SHARON, like I’ve said before, my father is 6’7 and my mom is 5’8. I wasn’t surprised during puberty when I shot up over the course of a few months, and you shouldn’t be either!

  2. Strangers will come up to you and ask where you play basketball. Don’t ask me if I play basketball. Yes, I’m serious. Basketball is not the only sport where the athletes are on the taller side! What about dance, volleyball, tennis, or track? I would rather be asked what type of athlete I am… not presumed to be a specific type! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked what position I play. I. Don’t. Play. Basketball. Okay, BYE! Sorry I didn’t come out of the womb getting ready for the WNBA!

  3. Most men will look past you, unless they’re significantly taller than you. I know a lot of guys in high school who always made comments about how I’m TOO tall to be looked at romantically, so I was basically considered one of the guys.  Well, just because you’re insecure in your size and want a woman who’s much shorter than you so you can feel masculine, doesn’t mean that you should put me down. Thanks.

  4. Going on shopping trips aren’t fun. At all. I usually end up having to special order my clothes because my size isn’t carried in store ( “extra long”) or salespeople try to force a size medium on me because it can “probably fit if you try”. Get away from me, I know what size I am!

  5. Regular size blankets never cover my feet when I’m laying in bed. I always have to buy the blankets that are basically industrial size. It’s tragic, honestly.

  6. When I take pictures with my friends, I always look like their legal guardian because I'm so much larger than them…Plus, I always have to stand in the back of group pictures and hide my outfit. I might as well just get ready from the neck up!

  7. When you do buy clothes for the hotter months, just know that your outfits will take some time to plan. Shorts will be SUPER short and your dresses will probably never go down to a length that your grandma will approve of. Your crop tops will probably fit like a bra, so you should size up.


  1. My future kids will probably be D1 Bound. (Yes, I’m speaking the idea of free college into existence, right now)

  2. That’s literally it.