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Problems That Only Girls With Natural Hair Can Relate To

Being natural/ having natural hair has its pros and cons. Here’s a couple of things I have found to be quite aggy during my past 18 years of being natural.

Here we go, being natural is great until…

1. The worst of them all: you twist/braid, bantu knot, or whatever style you choose to do the night before, moisturize your hair well, put a bonnet on, go to sleep, and just hope for the best.

The morning comes and WALLA your hair is still freaking damp! At this point there isn’t many options besides unravelling the style regardless of it being ready or not, and pulling it up into a “pineapple” or bun. (Some people choose to blow dry it,  I try to stay away from heat)


2. Being natural is great until you realize how much of money you spend testing out products.

Being natural is not the cheapest thing to do. The products required to achieve a fabulous style the next morning generally start at $6 (small size), and increases from there. Also, a lot of money tends to go down the drain when you realize how it reacts with your hair. The products that result in white flakes in less than 20 mins ARE THE WORST of them all, but it’s all a learning experience.


3. Here’s one that we can all agree on. Natural hair is great until you feel like slaying but the weather is not working with you!

HUMIDITY is the bad guy when it comes to natural hair. It takes so much of experimenting to figure out how your hair can continue to do it’s thing when the humidity is basically anything above 40%. Usually when it’s pretty humid outside I settle for a hat day, or a bun.


On the other hand, some days your hair come through with the shine, volume, defined curls, and more!

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Mykalah Woodson

Georgia Southern

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