A Poole Too Cool For School

Name: Kelsey Alexandria Poole (Kitty Kay or Xandria for short)

Age: 19

Hometown: Snellville, GA

Year/Graduation Date: Junior/Spring 2017

Major/Minor: Multi-Media Production and Film/Theatre

Dream Job: Owner of a TV/Film/Music Production Company (TV Producer, Theatre Director, Actress, Singer/Songwriter, all of the things)


Relationship Status: Single

Turn On: Someone who is funny, woke, passionate, and has a good heart (I also have a thing for singers with long hair)

Turn Off/Deal Breakers: Someone who is rude, closed-minded, or doesn’t like children and animals


HC: What would be your ideal date?

KP: An amusement park, or drag racing. Anything fun that isn’t just sitting across from each other awkwardly playing 20 questions.

HC: What are some fun facts that no one knows about you?

KP: I can write a song in 30 seconds, I played baseball for 7 years, and the reason I’m afraid of bees is because one stung me on the butt while I was on top of the pyramid during cheerleading practice and I fell flat on my back . . . crushing the bee . . .

HC: What do you think your most attractive feature is?

KP: My eyes.

HC: What was your first impressions of Georgia Southern?

KP: I loved it when I first came to visit. Mostly because of the beautiful lakes and trees.

HC: What kind of things are you involved with at Georgia Southern?

KP: I’m a member of Theatre South (hopefully I’ll be vice president next year). I’m also acting in Game of Love and Chance- you should come see it! April 6th-13th.

HC: Do you have any interesting hobbies?

KP: I just really love petting dogs (and cats)

HC: What’s your favorite movie and why?

KP: I have so many! I’ll just say The Switch because it’s hilarious and sweet, and the adorable little boy is actually just like me when I was a kid.

HC: If you could have one superpower in the whole world, what would it be?

KP: I would love telepathy: to be able to read people’s minds and/or control them.