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Party Impressions!

It’s the day of Halloween and you still don’t have your costume! Maybe the delivery came late, or you completely let the idea of getting a costume slip you mind, and, unfortunately, you know that you are not the one for a DIY costume! Well, Party Impressions is your hero this Halloween season, and nearly every other season that you can potentially procrastinate for.


Now here’s a quick rundown of how to get your Halloween costume right in time! There are located near 111 south apartment complex on S. Main St. Leave the house … NOW! Then get all of your friends, it’s not only helpful for picking the perfect costumes but for also helping you go through the millions of racks that Party Impressions has. Lastly, head over to the aisles and pick out the best accessories. They have cat ears, Minnie Mouse ears, devil horns, and the list goes on for days. 


Okay now that you have the rundown on how to get the perfect Halloween costume at the last minute, let us help you for all future occasions! Whether you need balloons for a birthday party, table decorations for a Thanksgiving celebration, or almost forgot that Valentine’s day comes every year, Party Impressions has you covered in all avenues!


Party Impression is an Eagles best friend and the next best thing to Party City! Hurry in today to get all your party and costume supplies!

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