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Get In Control of Your Birth Control with Pandia Health and #PeriodsOptional

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Get Birth Control Delivered Directly to Your Door

Did you know? The top reason people don’t take birth control is because they don’t have time to run to the pharmacy once a month for 30+ years of their life?

Or, as Dr. Sophia Yen, put it to me in our Zoom interview:

Hashtag Better Things To Do–Other Things To Do.

Sophia Yen, MD, MPH

So, Dr. Yen and her friend decided to start shipping birth control to people, beginning with an ad for free birth control delivery. However, 60% of people who responded didn’t have a prescription–which is necessary to receive birth control. 

Having graduated from MIT, UCSF Medical School, and UC Berkeley with an MPH in Maternal Child Health, Dr. Yen not only specializes in adolescent medicine but has the credibility to write prescriptions. 

Thus Pandia Health was born.

Dr. Sophia Yen, Co-founder, and CEO of Pandia Health

Pandia Health is the only women-founded, women-led, and doctor-led birth control delivery service, and they deliver directly to the doors of Georgia Southern University students. 

If you already have a prescription for birth control, you can simply sign up online for delivery. If you need a prescription, you can access their expert doctors for a prescription for only $20 a year–including visits and telemedicine services about any birth control concerns.

The number 1 cause for missing school and work under the age of 25 is horrible, painful, bad, evil, periods.

Sophia Yen, MD, MPH

Dr. Yen’s #PeriodsOptional movement informs people of the various physical, emotional, and health benefits of “turning off” one’s period–and the power we have to choose whether or not to have one monthly.

PSA… If you’re missing school and work, please see a doctor.

Sophia Yen, MD, MPH

By taking birth control that reduces or turns off your period temporarily, Dr. Yen highlighted that you decrease your risk of ovarian, endometrial, and rectal cancer–as well as–anemia. 

However, Dr. Yen revealed that everything she was taught about birth control–and most people are–was only formulated for the caucasian female weighing around 130 pounds. 

And that worked fine for her, but when we [people of color or weighing more than 130 pounds] tried this medication, it did not work well for us.

Sophia Yen, MD, MPH

If your BMI is 26 or greater, Plan B and its generics will NOT work for you. 

If your BMI is greater than 26, like 60% of the population, Dr. Yen explained you should use the prescription contraption called Ella instead.

Pandia Health’s doctors take into account your age, body mass, race, and ethnicity before deciding the best birth control for you.

And if you don’t like your birth control?

Dr. Yen stressed the importance of telling your doctor! Over 40 different birth control pills and 8 different progesterones–the component that usually causes most of the side effects–are available. They can find which is just right for you.

Unlike many other CEOs, as a doctor, Dr. Yen has taken the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.” She guarantees personalized and empathetic care as someone both experienced in medicine and monthly periods–or the avoidance of a period thanks to #PeriodsOptional. 

‘Pan’ is ‘every.’ ‘Dia’ is ‘day.’ So, we got you covered every day.

Dr. Sophia Yen, Co-Founder, and CEO of Pandia Health

Check out more information about how Pandia Health works and Dr. Yen’s “Making #PeriodsOptional.”

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