New Year, Same You?


It’s the new years and with that comes new opportunities and better days ahead. For most, if not all, before the new year’s, we made a promise (New year’s resolution) that we were going to take on the biggest challenge that we faced. Whether that would be losing weight, starting school or finishing school. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to start the new years with a fresh start and new goal to focus on, but the thing is by the time the first week is over, most of the new year resolutions are either broken or someone quit because they found another excuse that put fear in them. It’s ok to be fearful, trust me. Fear is a natural part of life that everyone in the world has to go through, but it should not hinder you for going after what you really want in this world. If fear is not holding you back, it’s another excuse that you have convinced yourself was good enough.

You can’t expect to go further in life successfully if do not get those excuses out of your mindset because you become comfortable with where you stand and you become satisfied with what you currently have in your life. You feel that there is no need to surpass expectations because the temporary comfort that I have is keeping me happy at night.

Then a couple months go by and you are left wondering how you are still in the same spot that were a few months ago. No real progress has been made and you become incredibly irritated with yourself.

This why when you make the New Year’s resolution, stick to it. Even if you have to break it down and do it little by little, stick with it. You will thank yourself for being consistent with it.

It’s more than just losing a few pounds or becoming more organized. It’s the realization that this could be beneficial to you in the long run. You are taking on this mentality that can make you a better way in every sense. You will be able to grow from your previous self and how you used to do things and be able to use what you have gained from this experience and make greater strides to this amazing person that you want to be.  It may be difficult but it is not impossible.