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A New Year and a New Semester

Hopefully all you lovely eagles and eaglettes had a relaxing winter break. With the semester starting off we all know what that new semester goals and New Year resolutions come with that. We also know how hard those goals and resolutions are to keep. With that being said I have a few tips to help you stick to your goals.


Write it down, see it, or say it

    However you learn, is the best way to address this. Seeing or hearing your goals everyday makes it feel real until it becomes real. Put up sticky notes with your goals in your bathroom mirror. No matter how crazy or ridiculous you may feel at the time it’ll be worth it when you reach those goals


Tell people… or don’t

    New goals can be scary. Telling people can lift some of the burden and it will also help hold you accountable since the people in your life may regularly ask how things are going. On the other hand, keeping your goals to yourself may work better for you, that way you never feel pressured or overwhelmed by the people around you. Either way just keep in mind that your goals are yours.


Be realistic

    If you know that one of your goals is something you’ve been struggling with all your life don’t just expect it to change just because the date did. Making big goals for short periods of time may make you feel like a failure when you don’t reach them. Make small goals and reward yourself for reaching those. That leads to the next point…


Reward yourself

    No matter how big or how small your goals reaching them is an accomplishment and you should reward yourself for reaching them. I’m not saying go out and blow your refund because you turned paper in on time but after eating right and going to the gym for a week it’s ok to have a few drinks with your friends. If you’ve gotten ahead in your classes take a day off and binge Game of Thrones. Just don’t get too comfortable.

All your goals are attainable, you just have to make it happen, and you can!


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Nakia Woodley

Georgia Southern

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