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New Semester = Fresh Start

So, you weren't as successful as you thought you'll be last semester. You're grades weren't satisfactory, you barely made it to class on time, and you weren't as sociable as you would have liked and that’s okay. The beginning of each semester means a fresh start for you. The great thing about life is that with experience you learn from your mistakes. Glow up this semester in all areas! Listed below are 5 tips in starting your educational glow up.



Make use of your advisor. Make appointments to see them more than once a semester. E-mail them your concerns. You’ll be surprised at how helpful your advisors can be when you ask for help. Not only do they schedule classes, but they can also help you achieve your personal goals and career plans, provide unlimited resources, networking, references, scholarships, etc. Your academic advisor is your support system away from home, so form a healthy relationship with your advisor to achieve academic and social success.

4. Invest in a Calendar/Planner.

The more you’re reminded of tasks that need to be completed, the more likely you will act on it. Write down all your important assignments, quizzes/exams and due dates. Seeing your weekly schedule gives you an advantage prioritizing essentials, and also allows you to throw in play time without falling farther behind academically. Planning reduces your stress level and prepares you for unexpected problems. Planners are also great for procrastinators (GUILTY).

3. Get Involved!

Find an organization/club that best fits you and meet new people! Joining an organization on campus is a sure way to get sociable. More than likely you’ll share similar interest and values as the people in the organization of your choice. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. College isn’t just academics, you become socially aware and active. Don’t worry if you don’t find an organization that suits you, you can always start a new one.


Don’t complain of the workload if you not putting in any work. It’s hard finding time to study when you have more than one class, employed, and still want a social life; however, if you don’t study your grades will reflect this. Putting aside time to study/review, even if it’s just 30 minutes a day helps develop management and self-discipline skills (definitely needed after college). If you’re not grasping the concept, get tutoring. Free tutoring is offered on campus, take advantage of it.

1. Most importantly: Make Time Just For You!

All work and no play, you’re sure to burn out! Resist the urge to overcompensate, and give yourself a break. Giving yourself some downtime to engage in pleasing activities will rejuvenate and refresh you, boosting your mood and productivity.

Good luck this semester. You can do it!!!! 

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