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Netflix Movies You Need to Watch

You’ve just had the most stressful week ever. Classes, tests and even responsibilities of your extracurricular activities have really burdened you. All you want to do now is unwind and give your mind a break. During times like these, or sometimes out of plain boredom, I feel like turning on Netflix and watching a good movie. The downside is I never know what to watch. Netflix is home to tons of movies, but let’s just face it – everything is not my cup of tea. Whether I want to cry, get caught in some drama or laugh until my stomach hurts, I need the movie to satisfy whatever mood I’m in. Recently, I have been more open minded and decided to watch some movies just to give it a try. With the spare time I have had, which is extremely rare to come across, I figured why not. So, here is a list of six movies I have seen on Netflix that I don’t think too many people have.  I would give these two thumbs up and highly recommend them.

1. What Happened to Monday – Talk about a plot twist! Septuplets living in a society where siblings are prohibited sounds like trouble waiting to unfold. This movie had me on my toes from the beginning until the end. It’s full of action, drama and I’m pretty sure it will have you wanting to slap someone(s).  If you’re a sensitive movie watcher you may even cry. 

2. Come Back to Me – Okay, now this movie is crazy but so good. It has a mystery effect to it with some horror. It’s not too scary but the concept will scare you, if that makes sense. I was a little paranoid after watching this. Oh, and the ending will have you shook. You definitely won’t believe this one.

3. Let the Church Say Amen – This is a faith-based movie; however, the drama is still present. It’s funny and family-oriented. I would call this an inspiring movie and I think others could relate to it. Even if you aren’t too big on religion, you would still enjoy this one.

4. Hush – This movie will have you jumping out your seat. A deaf woman living in the woods with a crazy killer on the loose – sounds good, right? There is a little blood, but the main character in this movie is fierce and a complete baddie, serving all types of girl power. Many people may have already seen this, but I still had to include this one on the list. Yes, it’s that good.

5. 13th – Slavery, injustice, racial inequality and the criminalization of black people are topics of this documentary. What more can I say? Very powerful, mind opening and informative. This one is a must.

6. Brotherly Love – Starring Keke Palmer, you may have already seen this one. This movie is hard drama with a couple of funny scenes thrown in. Family, love and rivalries all in one movie. Yeah, that sounds like a plot twist in the making (wink, wink). The ending did not surprise me as much, but I was still caught off guard. Watch your back. 


I hope you found something new that intrigues you. Grab some popcorn and get to watching one, or all, of these recommendations.

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