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  1. a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person.


White people came up with and started calling black people this disgusting and offensive term as soon as they took us from our beautiful homeland, packed us in the bottom of ships like sardines, and sold us to the highest bidder to work as slaves. They beat us, killed us, separated us, and dehumanized us with this 6 letter word and then some. The word n****r is a derogatory term referring to black people and the color of our skin, and hundreds of years later the word is still around and more potent than ever in people’s minds. The n word was used to strip us of our individuality, belittle us, command us as a whole, so why are we still calling each other this to this day? Why are we being derogatory against our own kind?

First of all n****r and n****a are not two different words! n****a is the slang version of n****r. They are the same word, with the same meaning. By using the n word, we as black people are continuing a trend that our captures started, so in theory they have won.



The question: should black people be able to say the n word?, is irrelevant to me because no one should say it, but we do, because as black people we are granted a pass for using the word, but its a double standard. If its racist coming from one person, then its still racist coming from another, no matter their skin complexion. We also continue to say it because no one checks us. Who is going to check a black person for calling themselves or each other black? No one is. That’s why our artist put it in their rap songs, because they know who they think their main audience is. They think their main audience is black people but they have a wide variety of other fans. White people listen to and love black culture as well, and we all know it. It has been decided in discretion that saying the n word is justifiable and ok, right? I mean, that’s why we hear it in rap songs, amongst people conversations in the grocery store, on graphic tees and more, right? This is giving [white people] more permission to say the word when they hear it in their favorite song and when they don’t like someone in their class, I hear about it everyday. It’s never ok to use such a word to call someone out, or get someone’s attention, or sell an album.

Think about if the n word never existed, then there would be no question at hand. We need to stop calling each other that and think about what it means to be a n****r, and think about why the word is looked down upon instead of playing with it and throwing it around like a football. This word of oppression should have never become a social norm. The same goes for any other word like, bitch, hoe, or fuck. With all that being said, Everyone in this century should know what the N word is and the history of it, but if you don’t then look it up.



Mikayla Ladson

Georgia Southern '22

I am a student at Georgia Southern University from Marietta, Georgia. My passion's are creative writing, being an independent women, and traveling. I am a Multimedia Journalism major with an interest in Spanish. I hope to become a travel writer or write for Cosmopolitan magazine. I love to read adult romance and poetry books, watch HBO, workout, listen to Miguel, and eat M&Ms.
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