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As we self-quarantine and social distance, it’s definitely understandable to lose a lot of motivation, especially if you’re a natural busy body. I, for one, have fallen victim to disheveled sleep schedules, disorganized online class schedules and a disrupted sense of peace. However, there are ways to keep yourself encouraged through these upcoming weeks. My inspiration comes straight from my phone, here are a few apps that may inspire you to keep pushing. 


  1. Pinterest:

We all have been forced out of our regular routines and into our homes, which can leave us with less of an urge to work and more of an urge to stay in the bed. My favorite app that has inspired new lifestyle routines that cater to my situation and what I feel comfortable. 

  1. Shine: 

As I said earlier, this change has caused a disruption of peace and a flare-up of stress that has been hard to workaround. Shine is a meditation and motivation app that has helped me center myself before and after working on my school work. This app has helped me take the time to acknowledge my mental health and maintain a healthy routine.  

  1. Kindle:

Unfortunately, Kindle has probably been one of the many causes of my deteriorating sleep schedule but during the day, this app has continued to inspire me to grow as a writer. I love to read and this app has provided me an escape from the mayhem of these changes.

Alexis Badger

Georgia Southern '22

Hello everyone! My name is Alexis Badger and I am currently a senior at Georgia Southern University studying Writing & Linguistics with a minor in Multimedia Journalism. During my free time, I enjoy reading and posting on my reading blog (IG: @readwith.lex). After graduation, I hope to work on publishing my own work.
Jordan Wheeler

Georgia Southern '22

Jordan Wheeler is a Junior Pre-Law Philosophy major who attends Georgia Southern. Jordan loves writing, singing, and hanging out with friends.