My Favorite Albums of 2018

My Favorite Music of 2018

I’m sure 2019 has a lot of great music in store for us, but last year was an amazing year for music fans. Just in case you want to reminisce a little, here’s my favorite albums of 2018.

  1. East Atlanta Love Letter- 6lack

    1. This album was by far my favorite album of the year. I know every single song forwards and backwards. It’s super smooth and relaxing, yet there are moments where the beats make you think you’re listening to something else. 6lack’s vulnerability makes his music so relatable and I’m SO here for it.

    2. My favorite song: Sorry

  1. I am> I was- 21 Savage

    1. When 21 said he was dropping this album a few days before Christmas, I thought he was kidding. 2018 was a relatively quietly year for him, besides a few features on singles. I woke up one day and BOOM, I was shocked at how much more mature his sound is. I appreciate that he actually raps with a message, and his music reflects how he’s trying to turn his life around. Features by industry favorites J. Cole, Lil Baby, Gunna, Post Malone, and Childish Gambino just added fuel to the fire.

    2. My favorite song: Can’t Leave Without It



  1. KOD-J. Cole

    1. Of course J. Cole delivered a classic rap album with strong storytelling and a good mix of fast and slow songs. J.Cole can do no wrong in my eyes, and this album made me think. This isn’t the type of project you can listen to one time and make a conclusion about. You have to listen a few times to get the message. He stays true to himself and doesn’t try to fit in with younger rappers.

    2. My favorite song: Brackets

  1. The Carter V- Lil Wayne

    1. After waiting what seems like a lifetime, The Carter V was finally released and let me tell you… I think it was well worth the wait. I enjoyed this album from beginning to end. It supplied me with several songs to add to my workout playlist. This album was classic Lil Wayne. I’m not sure what others think about it, but I thought it was a refreshing break from the foolish mumble rap, auto-tuned mess that we’re accustomed to nowadays. Our generation loves to call everyone legends, but Lil Wayne proved that his legend status will never go away.

    2. Favorite song: Demon


  1. In the Lonely Hour- Sam Smith

    1. Yeah, I know that this album came out in 2014 but I just started fully appreciating it last year. I think Sam Smith is so underrated… His voice is beautiful and he puts so much emotion into his songs. This album was on repeat and it probably will be this year too.

    2. Favorite song: Not In That Way


  1. Harder than Ever and Drip Harder- Lil Baby

    1. My entire workout playlist was based around these albums. In my opinion, Lil Baby has a good amount of trap songs mixed in with Drake-esque songs. You get the best of both worlds. My only issue with these albums is that the songs can start to sound similar after awhile.

    2. Favorite Song: World is Yours


  1. 4275- Jacquees

    1. I know some people are still mad at him for his “King of R&B” comment, but that doesn’t sway my opinion on him as an artist. (I would rather him be called the King than R.Kelly but that's a completely different article). I think 4275 was a work of art, like all of his previous albums (except his Lost at Sea album but we won’t talk about that). I like how his music is actually R&B and how he hasn’t dipped into the pop pond where so many R&B artists go and sometimes never come back (y’all know who I’m talking about).

    2. Favorite song: No Validation

Honorable Mentions

  1. Everything is Love-The Carters

  2. Not All Heroes Wear Capes- Metro Boomin

  3. High Maintenance- Saweetie

  4. Zoo-Russ