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You may have seen him many times around campus and more specifically on January 20, 2017 hosting a march. Today let’s meet KeyShawn Housey!

Major: History 

Oraganizations: Community Garden & Know Your Worth Book Club

 Benefits of the organizations: “It’s giving me a chance to help the community surrounding GSU by serving the underprivileged men and women in the community as well as opening the minds of these students as well as the students here on campus to the realities of people of color and to an extent white people face on a daily basis.” -KeyShawn Housey

When asked what are your goals in life, KeyShawn replied with the following “My goal in life is to change the world for the better of humanity. Where that would lead me I’m not 100% sure, although I feel I would be best suited in the political arena.”

HerCampus: What’s your plans after college?

KeyShawn: To teach for a brief period, preferably high school. The usual of course, to start a family. As well as go into politics where I will serve my people, and work for their interests. My goal in politics, as corny as it sounds my goal is to become President of the United States.


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