Meet Our WCW: Jasmyn Bell

“A woman with a vision is unstoppable, a woman who is always increasing her skills multiplies. Along with passion, this woman is undeniable.” – Janna Cachola

This week’s and the spring semester’s first Woman Crush Wednesday of spring semester is Jasmyn Bell!

Jasmyn is a Junior Political Science major while minoring in Public Administration. She is originally from Union, New Jersey and plans on pursuing a career as a US Diplomat.

A high school comparative government class led Bell to want to major in Political Science. Being involved with community service organization, Serve912, offers her a way to give back and support her interest in international relations.  

“A way for me to give back while doing something I enjoy is to ensure our foreign relations is improving, maintaining, or being created,” said Bell.  

Jasmyn is heavily involved on campus. She is a member of Southern Ambassadors, Visage Fashion Company and the Minority Advisement Program. She also acts as the Special Events Chair for the University Programing Board.

The University Programing Board is tailored to elevating the campus experience by throwing on events and programs for students to enjoy just to offer a bit leisure in between course loads.

“Every event we have includes contacting companies, creating risk management, collecting contracts and invoices, booking vans to pick up whatever needs to be picked up and creating checklists and volunteer plans,” said Bell.  

As the Special Events Chair, her primary role is to ensure students have fun and safe events to attend on campus, especially during week of welcome and homecoming week. This leadership role allows her to have more input and control over planning for events and everything that has to be done leading up to an event.

What we have learned here is it is very possible to be a scholar, leader and diplomat during the day and grace a runway at night. We can stan this forever.

Maintaining an active social life, classes and extracurricular activities can be a hassle, but Alexis has her own methods to make the ride a little smoother. I think we all could use a hand in trying to balance so many tasks and obligations at once.

Let’s face it, all college students are bound to have some type of agenda, or how else would we make it? Alexis can testify that.

“I take full advantage of a physical yearly calendar book, my cell phone reminders and Google calendar so everything is fit in from meetings to practices to homework tie,” said Alexis.

Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”  

Fun Facts About Jasmyn:

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Place to Shop: H&M

Favorite Food: Thai Green Curry

Favorite Song: Dangerous by Meek Mill and Jeremih

Dream Place to Live: The Suburbs of Los Angeles  

If you happen to see Jasmyn on campus, which is likely, be sure to say hello and let her know you saw her feature!