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Maybe Elsa Had it Right?

What do I do when there is too much of me and too little of you?

In other words, what do you do when you’re in love someone who doesn’t love you back? Anymore at least…

Now I’m not speaking of the basic plot of a senior high school crush that doesn’t know you exist as you stare at them from the vents behind your locker door. I’m talking about a love that was once bursting with flames that resembled the feathers of a majestic phoenix that has now extinguished to ashes.

They say the hardest part is letting go. And I believe that is true because how do you just let go of something that you worked so hard for, to make and to mold into something beautiful. But still letting go is the fundamental step of moving on.
When it comes to love and its tragic endings, letting go seems to always hurt the most. When a relationship fails, when you don’t feel that fairytale feeling anymore, it’s almost as if the world stops spinning right beneath your feet. But with every ending, there comes a new beginning. Disney movies taught us when we were younger that true love always prevails. But instead we hold on tirelessly, settling for clipped wings and broken hearts, but the truth is, I know that true love is out there. And I believe that when that moment comes, you’ll know.
Settling for love is never necessary. They’ll tell you that it’s hard to meet your perfect match or find your “better half”, and most of us will believe this and try to make perfect shapes out of puzzle pieces that just don’t fit.
But when you do put your pride to the side, you’ll understand that just like those corny horoscopes say, when the love is real, you can feel it. The stars will align and time stops. But if you can’t or don’t see the signs, you have to wait for it.
So maybe the heart breaks aren’t as bad as they seem. And as cliche as it sounds, Elsa’s “Letting Go”, really was trying to teach us something. It’s never the end, just a slight push into a new beginning.
And so it begins….


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