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During March so much new music dropped. As well as music that I enjoyed in February that I am still listening to in March. As we are all battling with the pandemic it is easy to feel bored during this time. Hopefully, you are practicing safe social distancing and can listen to a tune that can brighten your mood. Without further ado, my monthly playlist will be linked at the bottom of the page. Now let’s talk about new music I have been listening to:


Now I will start by saying this is not my favorite album of the month, but it is for sure deserves a listen. That is all I need to say. If you have the time to listen to it (and I know you do), I say you should, and you might like the album more than me. My favorite songs on the album are “TOUCH ME”, “SHOWING YOU”, “BELIEVE IT”, and “PGT”. 

Childish Gambino – 3.15.20 – 3/22     

An interesting album from an interesting artist. Now I love Childish Gambino and I am biased in all my music choices, but I love this album. It’s interesting, creative, and different. I recently was watching the Miles Davis documentary on Netflix and Gambino’s album made me think of the documentary for a specific element. In the documentary, it explained Davis’s love for music and always finding the new generation interesting by creating music with younger people it kept things fresh even if it was just instruments playing in a room in chaos, it was still music. Maybe that documentary made me thoroughly enjoy this piece of work. In all, my favorite songs on the album are “12.38”, “19.10”, “39.28”, “42.26”.

The Weeknd – After Hours– 3/20

Well, say hello to one of my top two favorite albums of the month. The Weeknd dropped this gem on us to listen to even if they are like me and in a great relationship. I will say I had to listen to the album more than once to appreciate it because at first, I was not trying to be sad. I really can say I enjoyed the entire album, minus a song or two. I love the vibe. One of my favorite subgenres of music is the techno, futuristic, but also like a slightly disco-pop sound and it played a beautiful part in making this album. My favorite songs from the album include “Alone Again”, “Snowchild”, “Escape From LA”, “In Your Eyes”, “Repeat After Me (Interlude)”, “After Hours”, “Until I Bleed Out”, “Missed You – Bonus Track”, and “Blinding Lights – Chromatics Remix”.

Mac Miller – Circles deluxe– 3/19

Now as a big Mac Miller fan I could not have posted this without reviewing the two new songs released on to the “Circles” deluxe album. I just would love for everyone to listen to the full album. I love this album and adding these two songs completed the album for me. “Right” is so soft and calm. It seems to be a reminder that things will be alright. Floating is one of those songs that you’d put on when you are sitting in the bathtub and have a candlelit beside. The instrument licks and runs are beautifully done, and the backup vocals are so harmonious and vibrant that it gives me chills. 

Don Toliver – Heaven or Hell – 3/13

Now for my other favorite album of the month. This masterpiece by Don Toliver is one I just cannot stop listening to. The album starts so strong and it is just bop after bop. My favorite song on the album is Euphoria due to the beautiful contrast of Travis Scott and Kaash Paige’s voices. The song is so romantic, whimsical, and just rememberable. I also just love Don Toliver and this album had three songs that were singles on it so how could I not have loved it. My favorite songs from the album include: “Euphoria”, “After Party”, “Can’t Feel My Legs”, “Company”, “Spaceship”, and “No Idea”. 

Jhene Aiko – Chilombo – 3/06

I hate to be an unpopular opinion in this, but I could not listen to this album entirely at once. As much as I love Jhene Aiko as a person and as an inspiration to many. I do feel all her songs sound so similar. Maybe because I look at more than just vocals in a song. Her beats and samples sound so similar to each other which makes a very cohesive album and I do like a few songs, but as a project, it does not give us anything new in my eyes. The songs I did enjoy on this album are “B.S.”, “P*$$y Fairy (OTW)”, “One Way St.”, “Lightning & Thunder” and “Party For Me” minus Ty Dolla $ign (because who for real like this dude on any song).  

Megan Thee Stallion – Suga- 3/06

Alrighty, it is the Hot Girl Meg herself. She goes hard. That’s all I can say. She starts the album strong and just goes off. If you have not looked at the Savage challenge and tried to do the dance in quarantine you are not living quarantine life correctly (even if you are as uncoordinated as me). My favorite songs on the album are “Savage”, “Captain Hook”, “Hit My Phone”, “Rich”, and “What I Need”.

Other Artists That Dropped in February: 

Aminé – Shimmy – 2/26

I know he did not drop and album but check out Shimmy because it is great. My motivation/ I gonna walk into the ring song. 

Young Nudy – Anyways – 2/24

Anyways, who does not love this dude? The album starts strong like always. I just love how Nudy tells a story. His cadence and diction make it seem like he’s just telling a story to us. He’s so nonchalant in the best way. His songs are fun but hard and he has some of the best ad-libs. My favorite songs on the album are “Understanding”, “No Go”, “Blue Cheese Salad”, “GTA Lifestyle”, “Cap Dem”, “That’s Why”, “No Comprende”, “Influencer”, “Marathon”. 

Justin Bieber – Changes – 2/14

So yeah… I am still a Belieber. I will say when this dropped, I listened to the album on repeat for like two days straight. I am a little ashamed to say that, but I mean it deserves a listen not every song is a bop for me, but I do like the album. R&Bieber recently was released in March and included the same songs as Changes. Saying that the songs I still enjoy are “Habitual”, “Come Around Me”, “Yummy”, “Available”, “Second Emotion”, “Get Me”, and “E.T.A”.

Brent Faiyaz – Fuck The World – 2/07 

Now let me tell you as I write this I am officially tired of this album. I did love this album when it came out, but I think I overplayed it. I strongly suggest giving it a listen. The songs I listened to way too many times are “Clouded”, “Been Away”, “Rehab (Winter In Paris)”, and “Lost Kids Get Money”.

D Smoke – Black Habits– 2/07

All I can say is listen to this album. IF YOU LOVE KENDRIC LAMAR GIVE THIS A LISTEN. I fell in love with this album after one listen. This is the artist from the Netflix show Rhythm + Flow that won. A well-deserved win for D Smoke. The songs on this album remind me so much of Kendric Lamar’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city”. I love the instruments used, the flows that effortlessly transcend between English and Spanish, as well the story written within this album is so raw and beautiful. I truly applaud this album and I hope more people listen to it. The songs I cannot stop playing include “Gaspar Yanga”, “Top of the Morning”, “Black Habits I”, “Fly”, “Seasons Pass”, “Fallin’”, “Lights On”, and “Black Habits II”. Please listen to this album.

Duke Deuce – Crunk Ain’t Dead remix- 2/05

Lastly, on a bright note please listen to this song. The remix and the original. This song gets me so hype it’s not even funny. Watch the video for the original and the remix and that exactly my energy every time it comes on. 

Now here’s the link to the playlist. As well as a special playlist I also would like to share.

Kiara Rosado

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Kiara Rosado attends Georgia Southern University and is a Public Relations major from Lawrenceville, Georgia. She loves music, movies, makeup, fashion, and food. If you cannot find her on campus check the local coffee shop or the gym. Always dressed to her best and looking for inspiration on what to write next.
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