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Makeup tips for beginners

Many women seem to get lost in the makeup world and find themselves wondering where to even start when trying on makeup. There are so many ways to apply makeup the wrong way that there never seems to be a right way or the right brand to start from. From natural to a more defined look makeup can be a tool for women to find their inner beauty. Here are some tips for your artistic journey..

Find your match

In many cases the most frustrating and confusing part to start your makeup journey is matching. What is your perfect match? Just like finding the perfect guy, there is no perfect skin tone or perfect match for your face so the first step is the take baby steps try to find colors that are close to your skin tone or that blends well with the neck and forehead area. Try to find products that are also healthy for your skin as well. The sun is great but too much is damage to our skin no matter what complexion you are. You may also go to a makeup store that can help with you makeup matching and can lead you in the right direction in what best works for you

El Cheapo works too

In the makeup world, IT IS EXPENSIVE, but for beginners it is always best at least in my opinion to start off cheap! Less expensive brands such as Covergirl, Lo’Real, and Mabelline are great brands to start off with that can be found at your local drug store. These are like test runs to assist you in finding the colors you like and that looks good for your skin tone. Most importantly, it is pointless to buy all of these expensive products just for practice. Cheap may not bring the best of quality, but it is a great way to learn technique and to learn what products work well and what doesn’t.

The Online shopping nightmare

Shopping online for anything is very risky, no matter what it is but makeup especially is very risky because trying to imagine if a color looks nice on screen versus in person are two different things. You may think something is so pretty but when you get it in the mail it looks crazy on your face. Be careful to only shop at verified makeup websites such as MAC or places you know of. If they have a physical store then they are probably legit. Amazon is also a great place to buy cheap and affordable makeup products such as brushes, mirrors etc. to help you on your makeup journey.

YouTube is the Key

In this day and age YouTube is the best place to find videos on just about anything including how to apply makeup. Find and subscribe to a makeup video channel that will take you step by step the basics of applying foundation, contouring and blending, all the way to making your lips pop! YouTube is your one stop shop and the key to doing it right. Also the great thing about YouTube is that there are so many videos that if one doesn’t explain very well the process you can always just click through another one until you find one that you can follow along on how to get whatever look you are looking for and remember PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTION.

When you look good inside and OUT!

Having a beautiful face is all about taking care of it, be sure to wash your face regularly and to eat a healthy diet. Water is also the key to having flawless beautiful skin. It moisturizes your face and opens your pores to endless possibilities. Looking and feeling good inside and out is all about having self-confidence, whether you decide to wear makeup or not, be sure to embrace your inner self and to embrace others to be who they are. Feeling good is about self-wellness, take care of your body, mentally, and physically. Take the necessary steps to be happy beautiful and healthy. 


Hello, My name is Marquietta Green. I am a 21 year old Savannah Ga native and a Junior at Georgia Southern University with a major in Psychology and minor in Journalism. In my free time I love writing/blogging, traveling and eating Chick Fil A. I am very much involved in the community. I love volunteering. I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Inc, a member of Sigma Alpha Pi National Honors Society and also a peer mentor dedicated to guiding students through a smooth transition to college life. I believe it is important to help those in need and to follow your dreams. Be successful and let nothing stop you from doing that.
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