Photo of a "Love" sign

Love Yourself This V-Day

It’s understandable to feel down, upset or lonely when you have to spend another Valentine’s Day by yourself. But this gives you the time to pamper yourself and practice the self-love that gets forgotten through the restless week of the ordinary college student. There are so many things to do on Valentine’s Day to practice self-love. So if you have to spend time by yourself this V-Day use it to invest in you!


As a college student, you are constantly working, exerting so much energy on things that aren’t you. Whether we give our time to studying, organizations or everyday social groups, the time you get to declutter your brain during the week is slim to none. Take the time this weekend to declutter your mind. You can through this by journaling your thoughts, feelings, and all the information that you’ve collected during the week. By journaling you allow yourself to recognize your feelings and give yourself the time to value them in a way that you couldn’t during the week. 


It’s really hard for people to understand the difference between mental and emotional care. They seem to overlap a lot but your emotional well-being refers to the way we process our emotions. Journaling also helps you process the emotions you are feeling but another way to process them is by allowing yourself the time to do something you want to do. For example, if you can’t stand to have to learn about mitochondria or having to write another essay for class, put it down and allow yourself something that makes you feel good about yourself. Painting, getting your nails done, cleaning your room, are just a few examples.


Physically love yourself this Valentine’s Day. You may not realize it but when you physically show love to yourself, you also boost your mental and emotional well-being which makes you feel better about yourself in general. Spend time this weekend doing something that physically makes you feel good. Maybe that’s doing face masks and doing your hair routine but it could also be an action like baking that makes you feel happy.