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Talking about majors is either one of the most annoying topics or one of the most entertaining topics to talk about as a college student. One thing people fail to mention when applying for college is that you don’t need to have everything figured out when you make your final college decision. 

Sure, we always hear the line “College is where you find yourself!” yet, here we are, feeling boxed into a major that feels like it serves no purpose in finding yourself.   

Let’s get things straight, you do not have to have everything figured out. Especially when deciding on what major you want to dedicate the next four to six years of your life to. However, it is in fact possible, and here are a few tips to prepare you for college.

1. Get in contact and stay in contact with your academic advisor.

Yes, this may sound a bit obvious to some but you’d be surprised how much this seemingly simple task goes over many people’s heads, especially in their freshman year. While you might have a difficult time balancing school and social life, finding a middle ground is important. Connecting with your academic advisor is a great way to do that. 

When you meet your advisor, whether it is virtual or in person, introduce yourself and have questions prepared, such as:

  • What are possible career plans? 
  • Can you double major in any field that may interest you or what does it require in order to double major?
  • What can I minor in and what minors complement my major?
  • How should you plan to knock out most of your credits needed to graduated on time? 

2. Take the Myers Briggs Test.

If you’re really at a loss and are not sure where to begin, the Myers-Briggs Test can bring light to new possibilities. It is one of the most well-known tests created by Katharine Cook Briggs used by educators and psychologists around the world. It allows you to answer questions in return for a list of compatible career choices–and in my experience–provides a gateway to finding a suitable career path.

3. Enjoy your first year and experiment! 

The first year and even the second year of college is a sort of trial and error period. By taking a multitude of different courses, you will naturally begin to see which field of study you enjoy and excel best at. Do not feel pressured to remain in one field of study when the whole idea of college is to gain an abundance of knowledge in different fields.

4. Join Clubs.

If you are still uncertain about the field of study that you are currently pursuing, a great way to explore new majors is to join clubs! Joining clubs that have piqued your interest allows you to deep dive into new fields without actually committing to them. You may find a new fulfilling hobby or completely change your course of study. 

A lot of these tips were an immense help to me as a first-generation college student and hopefully were some new resources for you. I hope that this relieves some of your anxiety about choosing a college major and shows you that there are many different paths you can take and you do not need to have everything figured out. 

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