The Lady Behind the Scenes: HCGS Social Media Director


Name: Chelsea Davis


Classification: Senior


What made you want to join Her Campus Georgia Southern?

I first heard about Her Campus Georgia Southern my senior year of high school. At the time, I was not sure what career field I wanted to go into. When I learned more about Her Campus, I made sure to look for that organization when I arrived on Georgia Southern’s campus. Once I realized journalism was my destined career path, I then felt at home at Her Campus Georgia Southern. This is my third year in the organization, and it is amazing to see how much it has grown.


What positions have you had within Her Campus Georgia Southern?

I started as just a regular member at Her Campus Georgia Southern, but by my junior year I was promoted to Recruitment Director. I used my connections with other organizations to network and get people to join. Now I am proud to say I am the social media director for Her Campus Georgia Southern. I absolutely love this position due to my love for journalism and PR!


Why should others join Her Campus Georgia Southern?

Others should join BSA, because not only does it look wonderful on a resume, but it gives you a home like feel on campus. The wonderful thing is you do not have to be a journalism major to join. We accept all majors and minors! It’s all about what you bring to the table. That’s what is neat about HCGS, everyone uses their talent in different ways to make Her Campus Georgia Southern stand out! If interested in joining, find a way to make your mark on our chapter. Come join our team and take our Platinum Level to a Pink Level Chapter. We need you to make that happen!