Knowing your Spirit; Trusting the Future

I think that most of the problems that people have are created from worrying. Most of the time we are worrying about things that are never going to happen. Or we worry and overthink so much to the point where we dramatize the degree of the issue/s; it's never as deep as we think it ought to be. It is natural to worry because we are people and we are always thinking. But I know that we let it get the best of us sometimes. It is also something that I am learning to let go. As I have been in college and matured I’ve found that I’m doing alot better at it. It is a lot easier to let ourselves worry and get worked up about things rather than letting life flow. It is easier because it can be scary trusting the future. Maybe you trusted it before and something bad happened so you have a hard time trusting now.  I think it is important to have faith in the future. To have faith in people, situations and anything that we have going on. Energy is real and it reflects in life. You have to have a positive energy in life. You wont get anywhere with a negative mind set; and you won’t get anywhere without taking risk. Trusting the future is sort of like taking a risk.

We have no idea what the future holds but if we’re positive about it and manifest that it will hold something great then you can definitely attract that. Try having a positive mindset about things you typically think negatively about and watch the change in your energy from good to bad. This life is too short not to take risk towards a better happier life. When will you trust your future? We got this far, right?

Keep going.


Peace and love always,