Knowing your Spirit; Manifestation

Manifestation is important and very real. Google defines this as a “display or show (a quality or feeling) by one's acts or appearance; demonstrate”. Your actions have to match what you are trying to accomplish. This goes for every aspect of life. If you set your mind to it and act as if what you want is already yours, you can obtain it. It is like magic in a sense.

I saw a quote on twitter that read “ Write it down on real paper with a real pencil with real intent and watch it get real. Spelling is a spell.” You have to claim your blessings. You have to claim what is yours. I am a strong believer in the universe working in our favor. I feel as though everything that happens does happen for a reason and that you should view all events in your life as learning experiences, and explanations for why things are the way they are.

Ever had a time where you were really worried about the way something was going to play out and in the end it ended up working out perfectly; a way you had never thought it would end? That is just the universe proving us wrong, over and over again. I think energy is a real concept. You have to exhort positive energy and you will attract positive energy. You have to exhort positive thoughts and positive vibrations within yourself and you will notice positivity around you and within you. You can not dwell on all the things in your life that are not going to way you want. Do you know that you have so many things going good for yourself and you let one area of your life that is going bad dictate your entire mood? Think about all the things that have gotten better for you that at one point you did not think would get better; but you are letting that one thing bother you all day? Yeah it sucks, such as life but suck it up. We do not even realize how we have conditioned our minds to expect negative outcomes. We literally think of the worst possible outcome and overthink until we are filled with anxiety. It is natural that we do that because we are human and we think but, we must learn that we can reverse our thinking and in return reverse our outcomes.

I tried this last semester of college when things were getting difficult for me. Instead of expecting that I would have a bad day and things would turn out bad I asked myself what if things do turn out good? What if that 1% of hope you have that things turn out good actually happens? And if you actually give it a chance things will turn out good. What if I try to manifest positivity in my life by saying and promising myself I will have positivity? That is manifesting. When you manifest you need to be specific and sure of yourself. You can obtain anything you want in this universe, ultimately. Why do you keep limiting yourself? Why do you keep expecting less? Why do you doubt your potential? Live you life the way you want and get what you want.

What is meant for you is already yours. Will you take the initiate to go get it?


Peace and love always