Knowing your Spirit; Letting go

Fix your spirit first.

It is important to nourish your spirit.


Spirit is defined as the nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.


soul, psyche, inner self, inner being, essential being


It is almost like eating, or going on a diet. I’m no pastor but I do understand these things based off of experience. If you eat junk food and drink sugar all day then you feel like crap. If you eat healthy and drink water you feel energized and complete all around; your body feels happy and healthy. Your spirit works the same way; you have to feed it. Do not ignore your spirit. You have to be connected with yourself and you need to learn your spirit. I think that some seasons require you to take a step back from everyone, everything and evaluate your spirit, your feelings and emotions. You need to work on yourself and learn yourself because if you don’t then who will? I thought I really knew myself until I went through my first heartbreak. It was like a whole new side of me was revealed. I thought I knew myself until pressure was applied; and I broke. I had never payed so much attention to my spirit and emotions until I was heartbroken and I realized I had a lot of fixing to do, and that's okay. I noticed things about myself I had never noticed. I noticed that I was holding onto a lot of things that did not serve me- like at all. Such as insecurities, fears, doubts and negative thoughts about myself in general. I had to do alot or rearrangement.


It starts with change. You have to let go of things, people and anything that doesn't serve you. In a diet you let go of the bad foods right? Get rid of those bad people, now. If it was a person that broke your spirit, then you need to reevaluate their position in your life. How many times have they hurt you? How often? If they don’t bring positivity to your life then what is the reason your holding on for? Reflect with your spirit and think about what you really need. You are the only person feeling your emotions so please, nurture yourself and pay attention to them. Adjust as you need.


You also have to manage your thoughts. The same way people can be a burden, your thoughts can be a burden too. It is ultimately you vs….you. It is the same as following a diet. You train yourself to remove the foods that are making you feel bad. In this sense, train yourself to remove negative, self-bashing thoughts. You have to add positivity, kind of like how you add healthy food. If you start think positive thoughts more frequently then you will notice you feel better about things; you will feel better about yourself.

Be active in your healing. For example write down goals and take note of what you want to achieve. Instead of just thinking these things, bring them to life. Go and talk to people and move in a way that says “I am healing”. Manifest your healing, and you will heal. It starts with letting go of what is hurting you. Im still working on this because its not easy. If it were easy then we’d all be happy all the time right? Let go of the things that dont serve you. When will you take the initiative to clean up your life?

Peace and love always